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After An Accident: Best Ways to Balance Your Job and Your Family Life

By Breyer Law Offices on July 23, 2015

In today’s fast-paced world, everything keeps you going. And work never seems to stop. Your cell phone, your computer, and your social life all seem to connect you back to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And that can make it difficult to disconnect yourself from your work life and put your family first, even for a little while. After some time, this can start to wear on you personally, and on your relationship with your family. When you have been hurt by someone else’s fault this all can be particularly overwhelming. So what can you do about it? If you’re trying to balance work and family, here are just a few things you can do to make the balance better, and even sway in the direction of family without sacrificing your job.

  • Know what your values are. Often we strike forward on the path to getting what we want, like more time with our families, but we don’t know what it is we really value. It is important to know what you value, and to place your values in order of their importance. But equally as important is putting those values into your mind and committing to not giving up your values or allowing them to remain in conflict. If you are in pain and suffering, it is always good to remember that knowing your core values can help you through very difficult times. Leaning on family members sometimes is the best way to go if you can. If family is not available maybe friends.
  • Set realistic expectations for your life. When your life isn’t properly balanced you may find yourself setting expectations and then feeling disappointed when you don’t get the things, or time, that you want. For example, if you have a big project at work and then promise yourself that you will get off work early to take your kids to a baseball game, you may find yourself very disappointed when you can’t make it. Many of our clients set goals for their recovery. Just like work, recovery is the same. Set goals that are realistic. Don’t push yourself too hard. Let yourself have adequate time to heal and give yourself realistic goals to achieve.

Having a balanced life is up to you. Understanding how to slow down and set proper goals for your recovery is important. Balancing life when not hurt is hard enough. When you are hurt it is even more so difficult. Learning how to put your family first and yourself first is sometimes a difficult task.  Do the best job you can and give yourself a break when you are trying to do all of this when you are still fighting to recovery from the actions of another party. We are here to help. Give us a call at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. if you have questions on your accident claim.

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Tucson Car Accident: One Dead After Being Ejected From Work Vehicle in Tucson Car Crash

By Breyer Law Offices on July 23, 2015

A guard for an armored truck company was killed Monday morning during a car crash on I-10 in Tucson, according to reports from ABC 15 News. The accident occurred when the armored truck struck another vehicle on I-10 near Speedway Boulevard during morning traffic. The truck then struck the retaining wall of the freeway, causing the back door of the armored truck to open up. The guard was inside the back of the truck and was thrown from the vehicle due to the force of the collision. Read the rest »

How An Accident Causes Stress, How It Can Hurt Your Relationship, and What to Do About It

By Breyer Law Offices on July 21, 2015

We all have busy lives. And busy lives mean stress. Stress means less sleep, eating poorly, and of course, going into full combat mode when things don’t go like we planned.  When you or a family member has been involved in an accident due to the negligence of a third party, this just adds more stress to your life. But what does this mean for your relationships? If you’ve ever experienced trouble with your relationships—not just your romantic ones but those with other people you care about—then it might be time to take a good, long, hard look at how stress is impacting your life and your relationships. And then do something about it.

If stress is related to an injury, it is important to talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. An accident can cause emotional stress as well as financial stress. When you top that all off with serious injuries, it is no wonder your relationships suffer. When you are bringing a personal injury claim, it is important to have all of your difficulties documented. This is why you need an experienced Arizona attorney.

  • You’re viewing good relationships negatively. If you feel like your relationships are poor, then it’s important to take a moment to really look at your life. Sometimes, relationships can go sour, but if your relationship with your spouse was amazing last week and isn’t this week, double check with yourself to make sure stress isn’t making it worse. Many times when you are in pain and have been involved in an accident, it is difficult to not be down on your life. It is important to discuss how you are feeling with your significant other or those who are important in your life. Many people choose to seek counseling. These are all things you can speak to your lawyer about as well.
  • You’re fighting more. If you’re in combat mode with friends, your kids, or your spouse, it’s time to evaluate your stress levels. Stress makes it pretty difficult to control yourself, the way you think, and the things you say. And that can have serious consequences for your relationships.
  • You’re spending more time isolated…and probably working. If you’re working more than usual and ignoring friends and family, thinking that you’d rather do anything than be with them, you may be too stressed out. Working on personal relationships and taking care of others is something that becomes pretty overwhelming when you’re facing stress.

Many times after an accident people are unable to work because they are recovering from surgery or major life-altering injuries. If that is that is the case, it is important to talk to your doctors about if you will be able to return from work. If you cannot work, it is important for your legal claim to have medical documentation that you cannot work.

Stress happens to everyone.  But not everyone has been hurt because of someone else’s negligence. When someone else has caused you pain and suffering, it is important to talk to your lawyer about it and your doctor. Make sure your stress and why is documented. Most importantly, do not feel bad if you are experiencing a lot of stress. This is something that happens a lot when people have been hurt due to the negligence of another individual.

If you do feel overwhelmed and want to consult with an attorney, give us a call at Breyer Law Offices at (602)267-1280 . We’re here to help.

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Phoenix Car Crash Results in Death of One Person

By Breyer Law Offices on July 20, 2015

Reports from ABC 15 News and other area news outlets indicate that one person is dead following a serious collision on I-10 on July 12. Incident reports from the scene show that the collision happened when a vehicle was rear-ended by an SUV near 19th Avenue. Reports show that the driver of the SUV was speeding prior to being involved in the collision. The impact of the SUV hitting the first vehicle forced it into the median where it struck a tow truck from the rear. The man driving the vehicle that was struck was killed in the accident though it is unclear whether he died at the scene or after arriving at the hospital. Neither the driver of the SUV or any other involved party sustained injuries in the crash. As with any car accidents, the facts of what actually happened may be entirely different. Read the rest »

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Your Future After a Phoenix Slip and Fall Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on July 18, 2015

Most Phoenix slip and fall accidents are fraught with pain and suffering. Victims and their families are often left wondering what went wrong, how the accident could have been prevented, and who can be held responsible for the accident and injuries that followed. Without a correct understanding of the law and their rights, victims and their families can be taken advantage of, convinced that they either have no recourse for the accident or injuries, or that they are entitled to far less compensation for damages they suffered than is actually the case. Read the rest »

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To Travel or Not to Travel When You are Hurt: Your Guide to Deciding How to Spend Your Summer

By Breyer Law Offices on July 17, 2015

Whether you have kids or not, summer seems to always be the ideal time to travel. It’s engrained in our hearts and our minds that summer is the time when we are supposed to be free to enjoy the sun, the outdoors, and everything that life has to offer. But is summer really the best time to travel? What do you do when you are involved in an accident and all your plans change suddenly? You need an experienced Arizona attorney on your side.

It is obviously important for you to assess how you are feeling if you have been injured after an accident. Here are a couple thought-provoking tidbits that can help you to decide whether you really should travel this summer:

  • Does everyone that will travel have easy access to time off? If you have children, your vacations are likely planned around the times when they are not in school, so  the decision is made for you. But if you don’t have children, or are willing to pull them out of school, there are destinations that may be better suited for other times of year. Some of the destinations that you can enjoy outside of summer months include Cancun, the Mediterranean, and tropical locations. Of course, many people wait years to take a vacation. When you are involved in an accident and are unable to take your vacation, money spent on arrangements should be reimbursed.
  • Can you afford to travel during peak travel times? Summer is widely considered a peak travel time that will increase your costs exponentially unless you manage to find a great deal. Booking your travel for non-peak times will help you get a better rate. For instance, travel to European countries between November and January is much cheaper for Americans than during summer months, when everyone wants to travel. If you are injured, cancelling a trips can cost a lot of money. Many of our clients have trips already planned they have to cancel due to injury. Any cancellation fees should be reimbursed as well.

If you have travel plans and being involved in an accident makes you unable to follow through with your plans, it is important to keep the documentation of the trip. It is important to know any charges for cancellation or refunds can be returned to you. If you have been seriously injured and had to cancel a trip, feel free to give Breyer Law Offices a call at (602) 267-1280. We’re here to help.


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You May Need More Help Than Usual Going Back to School If You Are Recovering From An Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on July 15, 2015

Fight it all you want, but if your child isn’t already back in class, the school bells will be ringing soon. It is amazing how fast summer can fly by. If you’re not ready to deal with the reality that school is back in session you and your family will be caught off guard. One of the most difficult situations families like yours find at the beginning of each school year is getting back on track after a long, lazy and fun summer.

Of course, going back to school if you have been involved in an accident over the summer is that much harder. Being in pain while taking care of kids can be very difficult. An experienced Arizona attorney will be able to help.

Injured or not, if you’re looking to avoid the hassles of getting back on track this  school year, you can get a head start on getting it together with these tips:

  • Get your schedule back on track. When kids are in school, schedules tend to be rigid and on track. This means you go to sleep at a certain time, eat meals at set times of day, and even have specific times set aside for play and work. Getting back into these routines several weeks ahead of school starting up will ensure that school days are both work and play, and not a constant battle to stay on track. If you are injured, you’ll require help getting kids to school. Many times people are able to depend on family members for assistance. Not all are that lucky. Contacting the attorneys at The Breyer Law Offices can help.
  • Get organized. During the school year, your family probably has specific space set aside for doing schoolwork, but over the summer that area can become a place for other things. Get cleaned up and ready for school by removing anything that doesn’t belong in your space during the school year. When family members are injured as well it can relieve some stress the more organized you and your other family members are.
  • Set goals and review areas where you need work over the upcoming year. Knowing where you’ve been will help you figure out where you’re going. If your child had trouble in math, it might be a good idea to start practicing old math skills a few weeks before school starts.  As a parent if you were injured, you may not have time or physically be able to help your child with their homework until you are recovered. Talking to your child may help them understand you were seriously injured and are doing your best to recover and be involved with their school activities.


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Sentencing Carried Out for Trucker That Killed Trooper in Yuma Trucking Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on July 11, 2015

Reports from AZ Central News indicate that a trucker has been formally sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the death of an Arizona state trooper. The accident occurred on May 6th, 2013, when the semi truck driver was operating his rig while distracted and talking on his cell phone. The semi truck driver struck the vehicle of an on duty trooper. The collision not only resulted in the trooper’s death, but also caused a chain reaction of crashes that reportedly ran for more than a mile down I-8, shutting down the freeway for hours. The trucker was convicted in February 2015 of negligent homicide, and other charges. Read the rest »

After An Accident: Keeping Your Cool During the Hot Summer Months

By Breyer Law Offices on July 7, 2015

Living in Arizona means one thing for sure: it’s almost always hot and the sun is almost always shining. When it’s hot outside you can be guaranteed that you’re going to be feeling it every day, all day, and probably all night, too. So how do you get back to feeling cool? It is especially hard to feel cool when you have been injured and have mobility issues. Just going from the front door to the car can be difficult for people using canes and walkers in the Arizona heat. Read the rest »

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Children Injuries: Gila Bend Rollover Crash Injures Three Minors, Remains Under Investigation

By Breyer Law Offices on July 5, 2015

Three young children were injured in a collision in Gila Bend on July 6th, according to reports from AZ Central News. The children were riding in a minivan at the time of the accident, which occurred shortly before 2:30pm on SR-85 near I-8. According to reports, the minivan rolled over, causing all three of the children to sustain serious injuries. The children were transported to area hospitals to receive treatment for their injuries. The road remained closed several hours. The condition of the victims is currently unknown. Reports did not indicate anything about other drivers or adults involved in the collision. The accident presently remains under investigation. Read the rest »

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