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Simple Tips for Safe Driving around Large Trucks

By Breyer Law Offices on January 13, 2017

Sharing the road with large trucks is pretty common around Phoenix, especially on the freeways and between cities like Prescott, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Driving around these big vehicles can be perfectly safe as long as you keep a few simple things in mind and make sure to always practice general safe driving procedures. You should always fasten your seat belt, obey speed limits and posted signs with traffic instructions, and never use your phone or become distracted by passengers and events outside the vehicle.

One of the most important tips for driving around large trucks is to avoid the numerous and rather large blind spots that drivers of these vehicles have. Both directly behind and directly in front of the truck is a blind spot, since the large front of the cab obstructs a driver’s view and there is no rearview mirror for the truck. On each side there is a large blind spot along the trailer of the truck. On the driver’s side, there is a one-lane blind spot from the cab to about half-way along the trailer. On the truck’s passenger side, the blind spot goes across two lanes and stretches from the front of the cab to the back of the trailer. Stay out of these areas as much as possible.

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Who’s to Blame for Faulty Brakes and Runaway Truck Trailers?

By Breyer Law Offices on January 11, 2017

Blame, especially in terms of legal liability, typically depends a great deal on the specifics of a crash and what went wrong to cause the accident. Any time a large truck is involved in a collision in Phoenix there are typically many people with concerns who are involved. There is the truck driver, maintenance technicians, and any immediate supervisors the driver has, as well as professionals higher up within the trucking company. The manufacturer of the truck or individual components may have a stake in a crash, depending on what happened. If anyone else is involved in the collision, then they too have a vested interest in what caused the crash and who is to blame.

Complete catastrophic failure of commercial truck braking systems or trailer hitches is quite uncommon. These devices are designed to withstand a great deal of use when properly maintained. When there is a crash that results from failure to brake properly, it is typically the fault of the driver or another employee of the trucking company. The driver himself or herself is the first person typically looked at, since he or she is in direct control over the truck.

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Is the Truck Driver Liable for my Accident?

By Breyer Law Offices on January 9, 2017

That is a very important question, but also one that can be difficult to answer. In general, liability comes down to the specific nature of a crash or accident in Phoenix, though there are some basic guidelines that can help you understand who is to blame. Establishing liability is vital to moving forward with a civil claim against another party when you have been injured or had your property damaged. Liability means a party was negligent and caused the damages, which means you need to establish who behaved negligently.

Perhaps the first place to start when looking to find negligence after a truck accident is at the driver of the truck involved. Since the driver is directly in control of the vehicle, he or she is often the party to blame. For a driver to be negligent, and therefore potentially liable in a civil suit, he or she needs to act or fail to act in a way that is reasonable as the driver of a large vehicle. For example, if the driver followed another vehicle too closely, knowing this did not give him or her enough space to stop in case of a sudden emergency, then that may be seen as negligence on the driver’s part.

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FedEx Delivers Aid Following Hurricane Matthew

By Breyer Law Offices on January 4, 2017

Following the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, a number of charitable organizations worked with FedEx to deliver food and first aid supplies to the impacted area, including Haiti. Deliveries of packages and parcels in Florida resumed quite quickly, including those items sent from the Phoenix metro area. Some delays were experienced, however, but nothing occurred that should have resulted in packages being lost or misplaced due to the storm.

Hurricane Matthew was one of the strongest storms the Florida coast had seen in decades, and though the damage in Florida was significant, the island of Haiti was, perhaps, the most severely affected region. A tremendous amount of damage occurred and hundreds of lives were lost to the destruction of the powerful storm.

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How to Avoid a Distracted Driving Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on December 28, 2016

Being involved in a serious car accident could change your life, and not for the better. For many victims, life after an accident will never be the same and getting the help you need to move on and make a full recovery isn’t as simple or as fair as it should be. That’s why prevention of accidents is critical, especially when it comes to distracted driving. Although you can’t control what other drivers are doing on the road, you can control your own actions. And what you do, or don’t do, could very well keep you from being involved in an accident.

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Are You Watching Out for Holiday Traffic?

By Breyer Law Offices on December 23, 2016

While the holiday season typically brings plenty of good times with friends and family, it also means more cars on the road and a lot of drivers who are tired. Driving at any time of year can be potentially hazardous, but holiday traffic in the Phoenix area presents some unusual situations to watch out for and predict. Despite the lack of snow and ice that many other parts of the country experience, there can also be treacherous winter weather to contend with.

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What can Cause a UPS Truck to Rollover?

By Breyer Law Offices on December 21, 2016

Fortunately, rollovers by UPS trucks are relatively rare, but when such a crash does occur it can be extremely serious for the driver of the truck and anyone else involved. The vast majority of these types of accidents, and truck accidents in general, occur due to some sort of driver error. Truck rollovers usually happen because the driver goes too fast or the truck is improperly loaded. While rollovers are typically more common in rural areas, they can still be a concern for drivers and pedestrians in the Phoenix metro area.

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Watch Out for More Big Trucks after Thanksgiving

By Breyer Law Offices on December 19, 2016

The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest shopping days in America, as the crowds who gather at Scottsdale Fashion Square and Arizona Mills can attest. Over the past few years, however, the following Monday has become a major event for shopping online with various retailers. While the deals can be great, all of those orders need to be delivered to the homes and businesses of the people who placed them. That means there will be more big trucks out making deliveries the week after Thanksgiving. Be cautious and safe while driving and you can easily share the road with all of these vehicles.

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The Difference Between Injury Law and Worker’s Compensation Law

By Breyer Law Offices on December 12, 2016

Arizona Construction Site AccidentWhen you’re injured on a construction site, you expect your employer to help you, but sometimes your employer or the workers compensation insurance company for your company, may make it difficult for you to receive the benefits to which you are entitled, after you’ve been injured on the job. When that happens, you might feel like your head is spinning or that you have nowhere to turn for help. When you can’t get the compensation you need to pay for your medical care or to pay your bills while you’re unable to work, you may think that there is no way out and that your recovery is doomed. But the truth is that you don’t have to go through the pain and suffering, or the confusion of the process alone, although you do have to go through the process.

It is important to know that an injury claim and a worker’s compensation claim are different. Working with a skilled personal injury attorney who has experience in dealing with injuries for construction workers can help to ensure that the process goes smoothly, and that any roadblocks are swiftly moved out of your way.

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Arizona Construction Site Safety Attorneys

By Breyer Law Offices on December 8, 2016

Arizona Excavator SafetyIf you were involved in an Arizona construction site accident and sustained serious injuries you’re going to want to know what to do and who to turn to for help. The trouble is that when you’re hurt on the job you expect your employer to help you and to do whatever is necessary to help you make a full recovery, but this isn’t always the way that it goes. In fact, in many cases, construction workers who are injured on the job find that their employers are less than helpful, may try to make the accident appear to be the worker’s own fault, and that even workers compensation paperwork becomes an insurmountable task. To make matters more difficult you may find that your employer wants you back on the job immediately following your accident and that may not be possible, putting you in an even more difficult situation where you’re unable to earn a living wage and your job may be replaced, giving you less work when you do finally make it back to the job site, if you make it back before the end of the contract for the current job. But you don’t have to deal with all of this frustration and suffering on your own. Working with a skilled personal injury attorney can help you to make it through your recovery more smoothly, more quickly, and with more help.

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