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Why Do Wrong-Way Car Crashes Happen?

By Breyer Law Offices on March 17, 2017

An Arizona wrong-way car crash is what happens when one driver travels the wrong side of the road, hitting another vehicle, stationary object, or pedestrian. The fault in these crashes seems obvious, but when you’re injured due to a wrong-way driver, believing that simply isn’t good enough.
It’s important to know exactly what happened and why it happened so that you can work with your attorney to make sure the right people are held accountable for their role in your accident and injuries. Common reasons drivers end up involved in wrong-way collisions include, but are not limited to, the following:
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How Do Arizona Car Crashes Happen on Wet Roads?

By Breyer Law Offices on March 16, 2017

For most people, it’s obvious why wet roads can lead to car crashes. After all, wet roads mean slippery roads and slippery roads make it more difficult to control your vehicle, even when you are doing everything right and driving defensively. And even when you are driving safely, you may become the victim of some other driver’s negligence. Some of the most dangerous actions negligent drivers take on wet roads include, but are not limited to:

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Looking to Hire a Nanny or Place Your Child in Daycare? Know What to Ask!

By Breyer Law Offices on March 14, 2017

All too often we see stories in the news about injuries children sustain while under the supervision of a caregiver. In some tragic cases, these injuries lead to the death of a child. This is a parent’s absolute worst nightmare. In the legal profession, we unfortunately see these cases all too often.

Parents want to protect their children to the best of their ability. This can be an overwhelming task if you are a working parent trying to find the best care for your child while you are at work. Should you be considering daycares or an in-home daycare? What questions need to be asked? What qualifications, certifications, or licenses do you need to ask about? One question that may not be first in your mind is: “What type of insurance should my caregiver carry?”

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Do I Really Need a Lawyer After a Collision with a Large Truck?

By Breyer Law Offices on January 17, 2017

The simple answer is yes, you should absolutely have a lawyer to represent you when dealing with a commercial truck business and its insurance company. Both the trucking business and the insurance company are intent on making money, which means paying as little as possible to you. Even your own insurance company is, ultimately, going to make every effort to pay as little money as it can to anyone involved in a crash. After any accident, no matter who was at fault, contact an experienced Phoenix-area personal injury lawyer to represent you and protect your rights.

Different states in the US can handle automotive insurance in different ways. Arizona is an “at fault” state, which means after a collision, you have several different options. Depending on your insurance coverage, you can file a claim with your own insurance company, with the trucking company’s insurance, or file a civil lawsuit if appropriate. After an accident, the first thing you should do is make sure you and everyone else are not injured and report the collision. Once the health and safety of yourself and others are seen to, then immediately consider contacting a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

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Simple Tips for Safe Driving Around Large Trucks

By Breyer Law Offices on January 13, 2017

Sharing the road with large trucks is pretty common around Phoenix, especially on the freeways and between cities like Prescott, Flagstaff, and Tucson. Driving around these big vehicles can be perfectly safe as long as you keep a few simple things in mind and make sure to always practice general safe driving procedures. You should always fasten your seat belt, obey speed limits and posted signs with traffic instructions, and never use your phone or become distracted by passengers and events outside the vehicle.

One of the most important tips for driving around large trucks is to avoid the numerous and rather large blind spots that drivers of these vehicles have. Both directly behind and directly in front of the truck is a blind spot, since the large front of the cab obstructs a driver’s view and there is no rearview mirror for the truck. On each side there is a large blind spot along the trailer of the truck. On the driver’s side, there is a one-lane blind spot from the cab to about half-way along the trailer. On the truck’s passenger side, the blind spot goes across two lanes and stretches from the front of the cab to the back of the trailer. Stay out of these areas as much as possible.

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New Year’s Safety Resolutions – “Insure” You’re Fully Covered

By Breyer Law Offices on January 12, 2017

Arizona Auto InsuranceArizona is known for having some of the lowest liability requirements for car insurance in the country. In fact, the state falls 25 percent below the national average in the liability insurance department. This is great news if you’re a driver on the road, as it doesn’t cost very much to become legal, but the news gets even better. Instead of pocketing that extra cash and using it for coffee money throughout the New Year, you can make the resolution to put that money towards full coverage – something that won’t cost much more than what you’re paying now.

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Posted in: Auto Insurance

Who’s to Blame for Faulty Brakes and Runaway Truck Trailers?

By Breyer Law Offices on January 11, 2017

Blame, especially in terms of legal liability, typically depends a great deal on the specifics of a crash and what went wrong to cause the accident. Any time a large truck is involved in a collision in Phoenix there are typically many people with concerns who are involved. There is the truck driver, maintenance technicians, and any immediate supervisors the driver has, as well as professionals higher up within the trucking company. The manufacturer of the truck or individual components may have a stake in a crash, depending on what happened. If anyone else is involved in the collision, then they too have a vested interest in what caused the crash and who is to blame.

Complete catastrophic failure of commercial truck braking systems or trailer hitches is quite uncommon. These devices are designed to withstand a great deal of use when properly maintained. When there is a crash that results from failure to brake properly, it is typically the fault of the driver or another employee of the trucking company. The driver himself or herself is the first person typically looked at, since he or she is in direct control over the truck.

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New Year’s Safety Resolutions – Leash Laws Protect Dogs AND People

By Breyer Law Offices on January 10, 2017

Under Arizona law, it’s required that all dog owners keep their dogs on a leash at all times. The only exceptions to this are when a dog is confined on the dog owner’s property, or when the dog is let off a leash in designated dog parks such as the Rose Mofford Sports Complex, RJ Dog Park, and Paradise Valley Dog Park. Putting these requirements into place makes the entire city of Phoenix safer for both residents and dogs.
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Posted in: Dog Bite

Is the Truck Driver Liable for My Accident?

By Breyer Law Offices on January 9, 2017

That is a very important question, but also one that can be difficult to answer. In general, liability comes down to the specific nature of a crash or accident in Phoenix, though there are some basic guidelines that can help you understand who is to blame. Establishing liability is vital to moving forward with a civil claim against another party when you have been injured or had your property damaged. Liability means a party was negligent and caused the damages, which means you need to establish who behaved negligently.

Perhaps the first place to start when looking to find negligence after a truck accident is at the driver of the truck involved. Since the driver is directly in control of the vehicle, he or she is often the party to blame. For a driver to be negligent, and therefore potentially liable in a civil suit, he or she needs to act or fail to act in a way that is reasonable as the driver of a large vehicle. For example, if the driver followed another vehicle too closely, knowing this did not give him or her enough space to stop in case of a sudden emergency, then that may be seen as negligence on the driver’s part.

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New Year’s Safety Resolutions – Use the “Right of Way” the Right Way

By Breyer Law Offices on January 6, 2017

It’s the New Year, time to make resolutions for the New Year to better yourself and better your life. For many this includes a resolution to get fitter and healthier, and maybe even take up jogging. It’s a great resolution to have, but remember before you take that first step that you will be considered a pedestrian and as such, you’ll need to know how to use the “right of way” the right way!

All over the country it seems to be pretty common knowledge that pedestrians, including joggers and runners, have the right of way; at any time, and under any circumstance. While it’s true that motor vehicles do have to yield to pedestrians, and most would face penalties if they were to hit a pedestrian, there are instances in which pedestrians must give the right of way to vehicles. And while, as a jogger it’s easy to get caught up in your headphones or trying to clear your mind, it’s also important to stay alert and aware, and be aware of what the law says.

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Posted in: Pedestrian Accident

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