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2017 Women's Mentor Day

2017 Women's Mentor DayOn Friday March 3rd, Alexis Breyer was asked to be part of Women Mentor Day at Mountain Pointe High School. Alexis had a very interactive discussion with multiple groups of ladies interested in going into law studies.

Alexis gave the girls great advice on classes to consider in college, what is important and what isn't as important, the opportunity to diversify and hold a bachelor degree in another field like finance or engineering and still apply for law school.

Some of the girls asked about paralegal work and the path to become a paralegal. The discussion led to many great questions, about school applications, student loans, testing, taking the bar exam, what lawyer work really is and what is it like to own your own business.

The girls were treated to a grab bag with lots of goodies at the end of the day! A couple of them came back later to ask more questions and get additional information.