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About The Husband & Wife Law Team

The Husband & Wife Law Team

Mark and Alexis Breyer are The Husband & Wife Law Team. They met in law school, married, and began practicing personal injury law in Arizona in 1996. Since then, they have accrued 8 children and a 98% success rate! Let's face it, you want to hire an attorney because you want fair results. You don't want to take anyone to the cleaners - you just want to be protected by lawyers you can trust. That's us.

The Husband & Wife Law Team Is Here to Help - We Are Dedicated to Our Personal Injury Clients


Mark Breyer is certified by the State Board of Arizona as a specialist in personal injury and wrongful death law – a distinction that only 1% of lawyers earn. Mark and Alexis have both been named top lawyers by North Valley Magazine, and Mark recently became Chairman of the Board for the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation! We are serious about our mission, and we have the skills to back it up.

After an Accident, Call The Husband & Wife Law Team

Success Rate

We settle or win 98% of our cases. Period. We understand that many of our clients do not want to go through the trauma of a trial after what they’ve been through, so we fight tooth and nail with the insurance companies to get them a fair settlement, negotiate with their medical providers to lower those bills, and ultimately, leave our clients with money in their pocket.

Hire the Right Legal Team If You Have Been Injured in Arizona

Community Service

Our firm is all about community. That’s why we have VIP Client Appreciation Dinners, an Annual Casino Night, a Spring Family Fun Carnival, Movie Nights, our Teacher of the Month Award, and much, much more. Wondering who counts as a VIP? You! Current and former clients, their families, and our team members, of course! We love bringing everyone together to enjoy a tasty meal on us.

The Husband & Wife Law Team Offers an Appreciation Contest for Heroes in Arizona

Reviews & Ratings

After you’ve worked with our firm, you may just become a “raving fan.” The Husband & Wife Law Team has hundreds of glowing reviews and testimonials from former clients and their families. We care about customer service, and you should never feel alone or confused when you hire us to pursue your case. We’ll let a former client sum it up: “Throughout the whole case, Breyer’s service was outstanding!”

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No-Fee Promise

We love our contingency fee arrangements – these contracts make it possible for our firm to pay for everything up front in a personal injury case, allowing our client to pursue their claim to the fullest. And once we’ve gotten our client a great settlement or jury verdict, we take a percentage of that as our fee. If you don’t win, you pay nothing. That’s our no-fee promise.

At The Husband & Wife Law Team There's No Need to Be Afraid to Hire a Lawyer

Media Appearances & Features

As legal experts, Mark and Alexis have been interviewed by multiple news radio and television programs. Mark has been consulted on-air by ABC15 Arizona about a troubling case of daycare abuse, by local NBC Channel 12 about the infamous Uber “self-driving” car accident in Tempe, and Mark and Alexis have both appeared many times on Arizona Midday to explain insurance tactics to the public.

The Husband & Wife Law Team Appear on Arizona Midday to Discuss Their Free Injury Law Guides

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