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Get to Know The Husband and Wife Law Team

How can you make sure you hire a top North Valley injury lawyer who will get you the maximum settlement for your claim?

You’ve already been hurt once and you need to make sure you don’t get hurt again and that justice is served.

The weapons we use to get our clients the results they deserve

Let us tell you about our office and the weapons that we utilize to make sure our clients get the best settlements possible for their claim. 98% of our cases settle successfully.

Let's face it, you want to hire an attorney because you want fair results.

You probably don't want to take anyone to the cleaners, you just want what's fair and want to be protected by lawyers you trust.

As for our office, we are Alexis and Mark, "The Husband & Wife Law Team," and have been protecting the rights of the seriously injured since 1996. Mark has received numerous awards including:

  • Rated "Superb 10/10" (one of Arizona's top personal injury attorneys) by Lawyer Rating Service
  • Highest Peer Review Lawyer Rankings by Martindale-Hubbell
  • Honored by the State Bar of AZ as a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law (Less than 2% of attorneys)
  • Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the American Trial Lawyers Association
  • Best Law Firm every year since 2010 by a subsection of the Arizona Tribune
  • Law Firm of the Month by Attorney At Law Magazine
  • Top Injury Lawyer North Valley
  • More About Our Firm

    • our legal weapons and how we operate differently than other law firms to achieve maximum results quickly and often without the need for trial
    • how these legal weapons have translated into a well respected reputation with insurance adjustors, opposing counsel, and Arizona Judges as well as National Organizations who rank top lawyers throughout the U.S.
    • the royal treatment you will receive as a client of ours if we are able to accept your claim
    • our background, including why we began Breyer Law Offices, P.C., where we went to law school, and a little more about our own family.

    We provide our clients with both the support you would expect from the highest level injury law firm and the top notch legal representation necessary to achieve the results we demand and that you deserve.

    The Husband and Wife Law Team Make an appearance on Arizona Midday

    Mark and Alexis Breyer have gone beyond representing accident victims. Watch as they discuss how they've made a difference in people's lives by bringing safety and awareness to the community. View more of Mark and Alexis' appearances on Arizona Midday on our TV Spots page.

    We can't help everyone... But you might not even need an attorney and we'll let you know

    We only accept a small percentage of the cases from the people that call us. We talk to everyone though.

    Many times, we tell people they don’t need an attorney, but we inform them as to what they should do to proceed on their own and let them know about important deadlines.

    If we are not able to take your case, we will explain to you why and if we think you don’t need a lawyer, we will let you know as well why and how you can handle your own case. If you do need a lawyer, we will urge you to make sure you hire an attorney who uses these powerful tactics that we describe below to maximize the value of your claim.

    Are you going to make a mistake in the lawyer you hire?

    Hiring an attorney who is good, is going to get you good results. Do you want good results or excellent results?

    You most likely are searching for an attorney because you want the best results.

    You may have even tried to start your claim on your own.

    In the end for those who are seriously injured or who have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one, you know you need a lawyer. Not just any lawyer, an expert in injury and wrongful death law.

    How do you choose an attorney?

    Even lawyers in Arizona who sustain serious injuries don’t handle their own claim.

    They hire a lawyer who specializes in injury and wrongful death law.

    The internet is filled with lawyers who advertise that they practice injury and wrongful death law and will get you the best settlement.

    What do most of these lawyers offer? They offer legal services where they practice in every area of the law. They may have never been in front of a jury before. They are a mill of a law firm where each client is just a number. The truth is there are so many attorneys out there, how do you know who is qualified to handle your claim?

    Does being a certified specialist really help or is it a meaningless certificate?

    Our office only handles injury claims. We always have – since 1995 when we opened our doors.

    We also separate ourselves from other attorneys since Mark is a specialist in injury and wrongful death law.

    What is a certified specialist? Does it matter?

    If you needed surgery, would you go to an internist? No!

    Similarly, as a specialist, the State Bar of Arizona has said that Attorney Mark Breyer along with about 2% of other Arizona lawyers is an expert in injury and wrongful death law.

    The State Bar has already qualified Mark showing that he has the reputation from opinions from lawyers in the community, lawyers he has gone up against at trial, and from judges he has tried cases against.

    Who do you think is more likely to do a better job in front of a jury? The expert trial attorney who only handles serious injury claims and is a certified specialist by the State Bar or the attorney who practices divorce, business law, and criminal law?

    We all know the answers to the above questions.

    Mark has been through many trials. He has the reputation. Our firm knows what to do to maximize the value of a claim. Our first weapon is that all we do is injury law. In just doing injury law we know the ins and outs of Arizona injury law just like a surgeon who focuses on his/her expertise.

    Mark being a certified specialist has given us the reputation that we are not afraid of going to trial.

    What does it mean to have the highest legal ranking?

    We have an entire section of lawyer testimonials to show you that we have the experience and aggressiveness needed to win your claim. Mark has been rated a 10 out of 10 by Avvo, a highly recognized lawyer source throughout the United States.

    Mark also has received the highest legal rankings for legal ability and legal ethics by Martindale-Hubbell, which is a renowned lawyer referral source for over 100 years. There are not many attorneys who have achieved these prestigious honors.

    What was the tragedy?

    Before we began our office, something almost tragic happened, but we’ll tell you more about that later.

    Alexis had worked in a large plaintiff’s law firm. Mark was an insurance defense lawyer. Most of our cases at that time (back in 1995) came from other attorneys who did not want to litigate their cases.

    Litigating is the hard part of a case. Most of our cases settle without litigation but the key is that the insurance companies know we will litigate. Other attorneys know this as well but many attorneys do not want to litigate. Litigation is costly. Litigation is time consuming. Litigation is hard work. Many attorneys do not like to appear in front of a jury.

    Within just a couple of months of our opening our own office, we had attorneys from around the Valley calling us to file suit in their cases. Given that being in front of a jury is Mark’s passion, we were able to take on other law firms’ litigation cases for the first couple of years of our practice.

    Programs Where We Help Less Experienced Attorneys

    Our practice quickly grew, and we were unable to just litigate other law firm’s cases because now we had our own cases that had to be litigated and our clients were a top priority. Many law firms outsource their cases that need to be litigated. We still get calls from lawyers and there are special circumstances where we will help other lawyers with their cases.

    The difference is we used to take a portion of the fee. Now, if we do not represent the client we offer a program where an attorney can pay us direct to have our opinions on their file.

    How we are different than other attorneys and what that means to your case

    Insurance companies do not want to go to trial against an experienced attorney and having an attorney who fights until the end can make a difference in the value of your claim. Our reputation to fight is a weapon that has separated ourselves from the pack of attorneys out there.

    Our weapons – how we maximize the value of our clients’ claims

    One of the other ways we maximize the value of your claim, is we have the money to invest in your claim and the resources to pursue your claim to the fullest extent necessary. Many attorneys do not hire all the experts or obtain all the documentation or evidence that they need to because they might not have the staff, the knowledge, the funds, or the resources to invest in your claim.

    We obtain medical records…. We talk to witnesses…. We get witness statements…. We speak to doctors…. We have doctors write reports…. We meet with doctors…. We hire investigators…. We hire the best doctors to review records…. We hire the best experts…. We are very detailed… We hire the best paralegals…

    If the above are not done then chances are you will not get the best settlement.

    How our weapons translate into results for our clients – Real Life Examples

    Let us give you some examples. We got a call one day from a woman whose daughter was killed in an accident.

    The police report said the daughter ran a stop sign. She sought the advice of another Arizona attorney. In a letter the attorney wrote, he told her that the evidence is insurmountable against her daughter and the chances of winning were very slim.

    The lawyer neglected to understand a key part of evidence though and that was the skid marks of the other vehicle. We hired the best expert and immediately filed a lawsuit. The case a couple of months later settled for hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is an example of how hiring the right attorney can make the difference between no settlement and a fair settlement.

    We get results and we search for sources of payment.

    Let’s take another case we handled. That case was about a man who tried to handle his case on his own at first.

    He had multiple surgeries. He came to our office and in reading the policy language of the insurance contract we uncovered a policy of one million dollars.

    Our job is not only to get results but also find additional sources of payment. We not only discovered this policy but got the insurance company to tender the full amount. These are the differences that an excellent attorney can make when pursuing your claim. Not all attorneys understand how insurance coverages apply or what policies to even ask for from the insurance companies.

    These are just some of our differences that translate into results for our clients.

    How our unique law team will work for you

    We are also unique. We are a law team. We work together on our all cases. We go home and theorize and strategize. We work hard for our clients. We get noticed.

    We have received recognition from the Newspapers and TV in Arizona

    We have appeared in newspapers throughout the Valley and on TV. We have written the book on injury and wrongful death law in Arizona. We offer our book ($15.95 value) free of charge to Arizona residents who have been hurt in an accident.

    How do you know what your settlement will be?

    There is no way for you to know what your settlement will be depending on which attorney you hire.

    One thing that is important to know is does the attorney win their cases and do they have a superb reputation not only in the community but around the country. (See our lawyer testimonials). If lawyers in other states are talking about your attorney, then that attorney probably has excellent legal skills, is respected, and will get you the results you deserve.

    Types of cases we handle

    Our legal abilities and legal tactics are applied to each case individually whether you have a:

    • Wrongful death claim
    • Car accident claim
    • Trucking accident claim
    • Slip and fall claim
    • Dog bite claim
    • Construction accident claim
    • Nursing home abuse claim
    • Any personal injury claim

    Our top royal treatment to all our clients

    Although we are a highly profiled law firm, we pride ourselves in being down to earth and having great relationships with our clients. Communication is the key and we understand our clients not only want results they want to be informed of the process. All of our clients get royal treatment. We are here to service our client needs and we work for our clients. We tell you our opinions and advice, and you make the final decisions.

    All of our clients are informed as to each action of their claim. They are assigned a paralegal that works with them and schedules an appointment anytime that they need to speak to us as the attorneys. We make ourselves easily accessible for our clients and a client of ours would never say that they don’t know their attorney. This is important to us and our firm has thrived on our present and former client referrals.

    Why is it against the law for us to list all our case results?

    We have so much more that we could add. We cannot display all of our case results because many of them are confidential and cannot be disclosed. We keep ourselves very busy but we have developed a system where we put our clients first and where people who are seriously injured have access to us to represent them. We also pride ourselves that if we are unable to accept your case, we can point you to a qualified attorney who can help you.

    No Fee Guarantee

    Since we are very selective in the cases we take, we are able to offer all of our clients a guarantee.

    We are extremely confident in our legal services and client communication so much so that we guarantee if we do not win your case, we will not take any fee and you will not owe us a penny. If you are not happy for any reason whatsoever with our services once you become a client, our contingent fee agreement in writing says that you can cancel anytime.

    One shot at settling your claim – Are you going to pick the right attorney?

    Think about what the settlement of your case means to you. You only get one shot at settling your claim.

    Imagine the difference between a fair settlement and no settlement at all. The outcome of your claim depends on what attorney you choose.

    How do you know for sure we are the right attorneys for you? How do you know if we will accept your case?

    Well, you don’t.

    We can tell you all about our wins. We can tell you all about Mark’s awards. We can tell you about our reputation. You can try to think for yourself if we would take your case but really the only way to know if we are a right fit for you, and if we are able to help you is to speak with us.

    You can simply fill out the case review form. You can click on the chat button. You can just call us direct right now. We have our phones answered 24/7 because we know serious accidents happen every day and every hour of every day.

    We just need to know a little bit about your case. If we think we are able to help you… and if you think we are a good fit for you then we can set up a meeting and work together to get you the justice you deserve. We offer to visit our clients and go to them or they can come to our office. Once you become a client, we immediately begin working on your claim.

    Will you make a fatal mistake on your claim?

    Think about if you don’t give us a call… You could end up making a fatal mistake in your claim.

    No obligation consultation.

    One other thing in case you are wondering, our fees are on a contingent basis. Typically, we charge 1/3, but every case is different. What is amazing about our fee is that most every other lawyer who doesn’t have near these qualifications charges the same amount as our office.

    You do not have to advance any money and if there for some reason was never a settlement you would never owe us a dime. You can check out our no fee guarantee for more details. There is absolutely no risk in hiring our firm.

    We have a proven track record

    We wrote this web page hoping to answer all prospective clients’ questions. When you have been seriously injured or a loved one has been killed by the negligence of another individual, you need a top Arizona personal injury lawyer. You need someone with a proven track record of great results and equally great client communication. Someone who will be easy to speak to and who will understand your concerns and be able to take care of all the legal aspects for you. If we accept your case, we will do that and more.

    The almost tragic event that led to us starting Breyer Law Offices, P.C. at the moment we did

    Truth be told, Mark had his own business cards printed up while in law school. It was a dream of his to start his own law office.

    Alexis’ parents had both worked together as lawyers in their own office so Alexis knew from when she was a little girl she would be a lawyer and run her own practice.

    At the time we began our office, the almost tragic event was that a staff member at the law firm Alexis had worked at had almost been intentionally seriously injured by a client of the law firm. The law firm had a meeting about the potential harm that could be done to everyone. Seeing that Alexis was 4 months pregnant at the time, we decided it was a sign that we would not wait to start our own firm and the search for office space began immediately.

    We now have built a reputation through out Arizona and the country that we are very proud of. We offer the environment that one would expect of a husband and wife law team with the legal acumen of top notch experienced, aggressive, result achieving attorneys.

    We have a 98% success rate and our clients believe in us so much that they are the source of referrals of many of our cases. Contact us today.

    Take the next step and Contact our Top North Valley Personal Injury Lawyers

    We know that being injured and dealing with a personal injury claim can be a traumatic experience. We are here to help guide you through the legal system and to explain to you all of your options. Remember, we offer a no obligation FREE consultation and a no fee guarantee. Calling us does not obligate you to anything. Call us at (602) 267-1280 now and get your questions answered.

    Alexis Breyer and Mark Breyer

    Call today for a free consultation
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    Attorney Representation in Phoenix Arizona Since 1996

    The Husband and Wife Law Team Wants to Reward Your Favorite Teacher

    Alexis and Mark Breyer have started a Teacher Appreciation Program, awarding one lucky teacher a reward for classroom supplies each month.

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    - Irene B. Jan 12, 2012

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    A $15.95 value, yours free.
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