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Discussing Bicycle Safety in Arizona

The Husband & Wife Law Team wants you to stay safe on the road when you are riding a bike. Arizona is a very recreational state and there are many bike riders. It is important for bike riders to know bike safety. As personal injury lawyers, we also recognize that no matter how safe you are as a bike rider, there are still drivers of motor vehicles out there who are not paying attention. Safety tips for bicyclists, is not to say that riders will not be injured. It is only to say that all you can do is to do your part for being cautious. Below you will find some tips that will help you stay safe while riding your bicycle.

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Tips on Preventing Bike Accidents

Arizona has its fair share of bike accidents. As top Arizona injury lawyers, we see many bike accidents near colleges universities. Cyclists who ride their bike near these types of environments should be careful for other motor vehicles as drivers tend to be stuck in traffic and often bicycle accidents happen when drivers are not fully paying attention. When you ride your bike on a campus sidewalk, you must always be careful because there are a lot of motor vehicles on the roadways.

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What are Some Safety Rules for Arizona Cyclists?

As lawyers who handle a lot of cases of bike collisions with cars, we are here to remind all cyclists that a bike is considered a vehicle and that a cyclist should obey traffic laws. There are however circumstances when cyclists are not able to obey every motor vehicle traffic law. The general rules for when a rider is on the road is as follows:

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Scan the Road Behind

Learn to look back over your shoulder without losing your balance or swerving left. It is important as a bicycle rider that you have a good idea of the motor vehicles behind you when riding your bike. Some cyclists use helmet-mounted or bike-mounted rear-view mirrors. Always look back before changing lanes or changing positions within your lane, and only move when no other vehicle is in your way. Rear-view mirrors are a safe way of determining what motor vehicles are behind you as you are cycling. If you have a rear-view mirror you will not have to look behind you and chance losing your balance.

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Go Slowly on Sidewalks and Bike Paths

Pedestrians have the right-of-way. Give pedestrians audible (horn/bell/word) warning when you pass. Don't cross driveways or intersections without slowing to walker's pace and looking very carefully for traffic, especially traffic turning right. We see many cases where cyclists are crossing intersections and motor vehicle drivers do not see the cyclists. As a cyclist, try to make eye contact with the driver. As bike crash lawyers, we see many cyclists hit by motor vehicles when crossing an intersection. We especially receive a lot of calls when the cyclists is in the cross walk and the vehicle is turning right and does not see the cyclists. Although the law says that cyclists must travel the road, there is actually case law that says a cyclist can be travelling opposite the flow of traffic in a crosswalks. Alexis and Mark Breyer have had many calls where other lawyers reject cases because they do not understand the laws for bikes in Arizona. Even if the law is one thing depending on how the accident happened with the bike rider and the motor vehicle, there are still many arguments that the cyclist has on his/her side to win his/her injury case.

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When on the Road, Ride in a Straight Line Whenever Possible

Ride with, not against, the traffic. Keep to the right, but stay about a car-door-width away from parked cars. When riding with traffic, remember that even if you are in the bike lane, motor vehicles often veer toward the bike lane. When possible, try to bike ride when there is not as much traffic on the road to prevent injury. Of course, all riders should be able to ride their bike whenever they want and they can; however, the fact remains that if you are cycling when there is less traffic, you have less of a chance of being involved in an accident with a motor vehicle.

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Avoid Road Hazards in Arizona

Watch out for parallel-slat sewer grates, slippery manhole covers, oily pavement, gravel and ice. Cross railroad tracks and speed bumps carefully at right angles. Pot holes can also be very dangerous for bike riders. The Husband & Wife Law Team, an accident law firm, has handled cases where bike riders have sustained very serious injury when riding their bike because of a pot hole. A few year ago, we had a case which was against the City of Phoenix where our client was riding his bike and went over a pothole in the middle of the intersection, Our client went flying over his handle bars sustained very serious injury in his bike accident. The rider sustained serious injury to his head and other parts of his body as well. Luckily, he called on our office, and we were able to help him successfully pursue the City of Phoenix for not maintaining their roadways. If you have a bike accident case against a city of Arizona entity, it is important to remember that for a bike accident case your statute of limitations could be as little as 180 days.

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Bicycle Riders Should Be Careful When They Are Turning Left

Many accidents involving adults and children on bikes happen because motor vehicle drivers do not see the bike rider making a left hand turn. When the cyclists is making a left hand turn, it is important to move into the left lane slowly while signaling to the motor vehicle driver. Again, if you can make contact with the driver that is important. If you are riding your bike in the crosswalk, although you do not have to by law, it may be safer to walk your bike across the crosswalk. Every case is different and just because you are riding your bike across the cross walk does not mean you would be at-fault for the accident, but still you do not want to get injured in a crash.

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Ride a Bike That is Properly Equipped

Cyclists should buy and utilize headlights and tailights. These will help drivers of automobiles see the cyclists more. Arizona generally has clear visibility but at night, during the monsoon and during wind storms, it may be difficult to see a bicycle rider. These lights will not entirely prevent a car accident as a bike rider, but it may lower the chances. There is also reflective clothing that can be worn to signal to drivers of automobiles and other motor vehicles that you are a cyclist on the road.

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