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Information for Victims of Arizona Child Care Injury and Abuse

Child Care Injury and Abuse

As child injury lawyers, we help parents of children who have been injured when in the care of another individual. Examples of child care injury cases include when children are injured in a day care, preschool, with a babysitter, at a gym child care, and any other child care setting.

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Child Injuries in Child Care Settings

It is very shocking when your child is injured by a child care provider. Parents who work trust their children in the care of other individuals. To find out your child was injured in a day care, gym facility, or any other child care center, is devastating to parents. Parents who work make a huge sacrifice to put their children in the care of other individuals. This can be the most difficult decision for new parents.

Given that so many parents are entrusting their children to certain child care facilities, it is imperative that the childcare establishment have set standard and policies and procedures in place.

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Arizona Child Care Injury Lawyers Help Parents

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, we help parents whose children have been the victims of childcare abuse. Unfortunately, there are many daycares that do not have proper procedures in place, such as proper background checks of employees. As a result, many times children are injured while in the hands of these providers, whether it be from an unsafe game, a dangerous play structure, or an abusive employee. Also, the supervision necessary for children may not be adequate. Other times children might mistreat the other kids, or there may be instances where the caregiver is abusive to the child.

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Arizona Day Care Center Abuse

Recently, there have been many cases where there is child neglect or abuse while in daycare centers. The reason we put our children in daycare centers is so that they will be in a safe environment. If your child was injured in a day care center or pre-school, it is important to know that parents and children have rights. It is also important to know that depending on the injury, parents will be helping ensure that other children are not put in harm's way and injured by a day care provider in a day care or pre-school.

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Child Abuse in Pre-Schools

Child abuse is also prevalent in some day cares and pre-schools. In addition, child abuse or injury can occur in gym play care areas. Many people think that child abuse only happens behind closed doors, but it is important to know that child abuse happens at facilities we rely on to keep our children safe.

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Arizona Law for Child Injury

Under Arizona law, an injured child has special legal rights against the person who has injured or mistreated them. If the school has not stopped certain activities that are dangerous, the child and parent would have rights if the child is injured. If there is play equipment that is dangerous at the school and a child is injured at a day care, the school could possibly be responsible. Every child injury case is different, but there are some scenarios where if your child is hurt in the care of a school or day care center, you are entitled to compensation for the child's injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, as well as other damages.

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Child Injury Statute of Limitations

Generally, an Arizona statute of limitations is two years from the date of injury or from when the child turns 20. It is better, however, to call an attorney as soon as possible because many times evidence is destroyed. An Arizona child abuse victim lawyer can help you decide if the establishment was negligent and caused your child's injuries. Some child abuse and neglect cases are very clear cut, but typically these types of child injury cases are complex because the parent was not around when the child was injured, abused, or neglected.

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Do I Have a Child Injury Case?

Contact Alexis and Mark Breyer today at (602) 457-6222. Mark Breyer is a top rated injury and wrongful death lawyer. The Husband & Wife Law Team have 8 children and have helped many parents get compensated for their child's injuries. This is a very serious subject matter and you deserve the best child injury lawyer.

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