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hard hat, gloves, and safety manualConstruction accident injuries are some of the most common forms of workplace injury in America. This is hardly surprising when you consider how many hazards can be found at the typical construction site. Moving obstacles, heavy machinery, compressed gases, caustic chemicals, and towering scaffold structures can all give rise to injuries if improperly handled or maintained. Although worker's compensation may offer some solace in the wake of a serious construction site accident, recovering the full measure of your expenses will almost certainly require the services of a qualified, effective injury attorney in Arizona.

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Serious Injuries on a Construction Site

Let's start with an overview of these accidents. One of the most common ways construction workers are hurt on the job is in falls. These typically occur when a ladder, scaffold, or other support structure has been inadequately secured, leading to unstable surfaces or total collapse. Any fall can cause injuries, of course, but construction site falls may also involve multiple impacts on the way down, as well as a final impact on cutting surfaces, caustic liquids, or some other piece of dangerous equipment. The injuries that result can range from broken bones to traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and even traumatic amputation.

Even in accidents where no great heights are involved, workers can sustain major catastrophic injuries on construction sites. Heavy earth-moving equipment can malfunction and pin a worker against another surface. Compressed gas can lead to broken bones, burns, and asphyxiation. Even workers safely ensconced on the ground floor may be struck by falling objects, from canisters to machinery, resulting in considerable trauma to the head and neck. Litigating suits like this takes experience and commitment, as job one is determining who the liable parties are. From owners to contractors to manufacturers, The Husband & Wife Law Team does not rest until every responsible party is identified.

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If you have sustained a construction site injury, it is important to be proactive about claiming the money you deserve. Injuries such as these can greatly diminish your capacity to work, to enjoy life, and to maintain successful relationships. To contact the aggressive AZ construction accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team today for a free consultation, call us at (602) 457-6222.

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