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Lawyers Explain the Legal Rights of Arizona Dog Bite Victims

Legal Representation After an Arizona Dog Bite or Attack

The legal rights extended to dog bite victims hinge on the circumstances of the incident and the liability laws in the state where the attack takes place. In Arizona, strict statutory liability applies if the lawsuit is filed within the first year following the attack. This means that a dog's owner or another responsible party can be held liable for damages if his or her dog attacks, even if the dog had never exhibited vicious behavior or warning signs in the past.

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Your Rights After an Attack

You have the legal right as a victim of a dog bite in Arizona to seek damages for pain and suffering caused by debilitating injuries, therapy, lost wages (past, present, and future), surgeries or other medical bills stemming from the accident. You may also seek damages to pay legal fees. Speak with a skilled Arizona dog attack attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 today to find out if you have a case.

The defendant may object to your claim on a number of points. Some common defenses in dog attack cases include the following:

  • The victim was negligent in approaching or provoking an aggressive animal
  • The victim trespassed or failed to adhere to "Beware of Dog" signs
  • The victim assumed certain risks by past or present behavior towards the dog

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In Arizona, the law tends to favor claimants in dog bite cases. Thus, most of the defenses listed above can be rendered invalid when the case is properly prepared. However, failing to retain an Arizona injury lawyer who will take the proper measures in the case can cause these otherwise rootless defenses to suddenly take on significance. The right to recover the damages your family needs can be lost.

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