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Arizona Dog Bite FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Husband & Wife Law Team has handled a number of dog bite cases over the years. We understand how devastating these incidents can be to the mental, emotional, and financial state of victims and their loved ones. If you have any questions about your dog bite case – and chances are you certainly do – please don't hesitate to bring them to us. Our experienced Arizona dog bite attorneys are deeply familiar with Arizona's leash laws and can help you determine whether you have grounds to file an injury claim. Call us today at (602) 457-6222 to learn more about your rights and legal options after a dog attack.

Q: Are certain breeds restricted by Arizona law?

A: Yes. In certain residential complexes, or even in cities and counties, a special license may be required to own certain dog breeds. Some of the breeds that are commonly restricted include Pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers. These breeds are commonly trained to be guard dogs due to their strength and aggression.

Q: What should pet owners do to prevent their dogs from biting people?

A: Pet owners should train and socialize their dogs from an early age to make them comfortable around people and other animals. They should also keep them on a leash when they go on walks and put up adequate barriers, such as high fences, if they keep their dog in the backyard. Additionally, neutering male dogs can help lower their aggression level.

Q: What if I was bit while working on someone else's property in Arizona?

A: If an individual is asked to work on someone else's property, it is generally the property owner's responsibility to provide adequate warning and safety measures (e.g. restraining the dog with a chain or a cage). If the worker is attacked because of the property owner's failure to exercise reasonable care, then he or she may be eligible for compensation, including workers' comp benefits.

Q: Can I get compensation for an AZ police dog bite incident?

A: If there was no reason for the police dog to attack you, then you may be able to pursue legal action. However, if the officer had any reason to believe that his or her actions were justified, then getting compensation may be very difficult. Your best bet is to discuss your case with a reliable personal injury lawyer who has experience in these matters.

Q: What damages may I recover in a Arizona dog bite accident case?

A: Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident as well as the extent of your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages during recovery, and pain and suffering. If your injury is severe enough, you may also receive compensation for future treatment and rehabilitation.

Q: Can I get compensation if someone else's dog harmed my pet?

A: Yes, your pets are considered your property; therefore, if another pet owner's negligence results in harm to your pet, you may hold him or her responsible for the resulting damages.

Contact AZ accident attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team for a free consultation. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can recover your dog bite damages.

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