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What Does a Free Consultation with an Arizona Personal Injury Attorney Mean?

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When you're involved in an Arizona personal injury accident, like a car crash, you might need an attorney to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve from the person who caused your accident and the injuries that came with it. It's not always easy to determine whether you have a good case for a lawsuit, or if you need more help from someone other than your insurance company. Many injury victims try to go it alone, only to find that they can't seem to get a fair shake from insurance companies and attorneys involved in the case. So why doesn't every injury victim call an attorney? Most people don't understand the steps to getting an attorney, or at what point they become obligated to the attorney and the attorney becomes obligated to them. Here's a few facts that can help you better understand the role of an attorney in your case and how the relationship begins.

Q. Why would I need an attorney in the first place?

A. The laws for personal injury are very complex. If you are especially seriously injured or have a loved one who has been killed by the negligence of another party, it is important to make sure your rights are protected. An attorney knows the intricacies of the law and can help protect you and your rights.

Q. What is the cost of a free consultation?

A. A free consultation is an obligation-free and cost-free consultation. That means you don't have to sign any contracts and you don't have to give the attorney any money. Many people don't understand this. Just talking with an attorney at our office is never a commitment. We are here to answer all of your questions and will let you know whether or not we think you even need an attorney.

Q. What happens during a free consultation with an attorney?

A. When you speak to an attorney or meet with an attorney at The Husband & Wife Law Team for a free consultation on your personal injury case, you will tell the attorney the facts of your case. During this meeting, the attorney you consult with will look over all of the facts of your case, talk to you about the statute of limitations, and talk to you about any potential problems with your case. Based on what you tell the attorney, we will let you know whether we think you need our help and why. This is also a good time to decide whether you are comfortable with the attorneys at our office and if you want to hire us to help you. We will give you straight forward advice and tell you what we think your options are, why we think you should follow our advice, and ultimately how the case proceeds or whether or not you decide to hire our firm is absolutely up to each potential client who comes to meet with us. We let our clients know the good and the bad.

Q. If the attorney agrees to a free consultation, it's a contract, right?

A. It's important to remember, and is worth repeating, that a free consultation is only an informal meeting – sometimes telephone and sometimes in person - between you and the attorney. Although whatever you say in the meeting is completely confidential, there is no commitment from you or from the attorney. Just because you go to the free consultation or speak to the attorney about your case that does not mean that you have to hire our law firm. Likewise, just because an attorney talks to you about your case does not mean that the attorney is agreeing to take your case. What we do want to do is try to make sure we let people know their rights and what they can do to protect themselves. Understanding the statute of limitations is very important for all people.

Q. When do I have to make a decision after my free consultation?

A. The urgency of your decision whether or not to hire an attorney is not based on when you go to your free consultation. It is based on when your accident took place, the type of injuries sustained and whether or not evidence can be destroyed. This means that you may need to make a decision immediately so that the attorney can get started on your case and it may mean that you have many weeks to make a decisions. Each case is differently and we try to go over the facts of each case individually so we can let you know how important it is to hire an attorney and in what time frame. Sometimes we look at the facts of the case and tell the caller that they in fact don't need an attorney.

Hiring an attorney is your choice after being injured in an accident. You are never obligated to hire an attorney, but it is in your best interests to hear what an experienced personal injury accident attorney has to say. We always recommend having a free consultation so you can get your questions answered and know your rights.

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