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Arizona Accidents Rise During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Arizona is coming to a close with the end of May, and as experienced Arizona motorcycle injury attorneys, we are doing everything we can to help educate drivers and riders on being safe and reducing the number of accidents that happen throughout the month of May. Reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) indicate that more than 8,600 car crashes occur during the month of May each year, and news reports show that many of these collisions involve motorcycle riders and their passengers.

The number of accidents in May is much higher than those in June and July, which come in around 7,800 and 7,600 respectively. The number comes closer in August, when approximately 8,500 collisions take place throughout the state. Each year nearly 100 fatal motorcycle crashes are recorded in Arizona and around 2,250 injury accidents involving motorcycles are also reported.

How Arizona Drivers Can Reduce Motorcycle Accidents

Arizona motorcycle crashes can cause serious injury, but most can be avoided if drivers exercise extra caution. According to AAA Arizona (AAAAZ), the number of motorcycles on the road during Arizona Motorcycle Awareness Month is substantially higher due to rising temperatures and the increasing cost of gas. More motorcycles out on the road means that drivers must take extra caution to avoid colliding with these vulnerable motorists. To minimize the risk of accident and injuries, driver should:

  • Slow down at intersections and four-way stops to give yourself more time to recognize a motorcycle rider; and
  • Double check the lanes of traffic before making a right turn or left turn at intersections and while entering and exiting driveways to ensure that no motorcycles are in your path

Why Call an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Statistics indicate that riders in Arizona motorcycle crashes are 39 percent more likely than motor vehicle drivers to be killed in the impact of a crash and those who do survive are highly likely to suffer life-altering damage to their heads, necks, spines, backs, and brains. Only an experienced Arizona motorcycle accident injury attorney can help injured motorcycle riders get a fair settlement and secure the medical care they need to make a full recovery. The Husband & Wife Law Team does whatever it takes to find compensation that covers medical treatments, personal suffering, time off work, and other crash-related damages for injured motorcyclists. Call attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer of The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 for a free case review today.

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