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Sport Utility Vehicle Accident Lawsuits

Have you recently been involved in a car collision in Arizona with a sports utility vehicle? Was the accident the result of reckless or negligent behavior of the SUV driver? Did you suffer any one of the following, moderate to life-changing injuries?

If so, it maybe time to speak with a dedicated personal injury team and review your legal rights. Contact The Husband & Wife Law Team today and explore your options with one of our experienced Arizona car accident attorneys, in a free case consultation.

Call (602) 457-6222 or submit your information online and we will be in touch with you momentarily.

Of course, if you are reading this there is a good chance you are also wondering if you can even afford an attorney. Hospital bills and doctor's fees can quickly sap your health coverage and chip away at your savings. Given enough time, medical expenses can exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars and effectively leave you and your family without a dime. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, we fully recognize the strain you are under and that is why we operate as a contingency fee based practice. We don't collect until you do. No consultation fees. No hidden costs. If we take on your claim, it is because we know we can secure a sizeable settlement.

But keep in mind that time is of the essence. When it comes to personal injury claims, especially car accidents, you'll have to act quickly. The longer you wait to begin building your case the harder it will be to collect evidence, gather witness statements and paint a clear picture of the negligence that went into your accident. Additionally, the state of Arizona maintains a statute of limitations on all claims. Failing to submit by the required deadline can mean a complete forfeiture of your right to compensation.

Don't let this happen to you or your family. Call (602) 457-6222 today and get the help you need to effectively recover from this tragedy.

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What Are Some Typical Reasons For SUV Collisions?

Like any other car or truck, sports utility vehicles are only as good as the person piloting them. Therefore, if a driver is drunk, distracted or generally incompetent behind the wheel, odds are decent that they will cause a wreck at some point in their lifetime. However, SUVs in particular pose a set of challenges that other motor vehicles do not, which make them especially dangerous.

First and foremost, these vehicles, like trucks, ride high on the road. Unlike trucks however, they are not necessarily as evenly balanced. Therefore, they are prone to tipping and flipping much easier than their trucks. Secondly, they are often loaded to the max with distractions, from televisions to multiple displays giving a wide variety of diagnostic information about the environment and the car itself. This can prove to be too much information for the unskilled driver and before they know it, they have caused a severe accident from just one glance at the center console.

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The Experienced Arizona SUV Accident Attorneys You Need

Call the Arizona SUV accident lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 for more information about sports utility vehicle accidents and how we can help you.

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