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Trucking Equipment Failure Causing Serious Accidents and Injuries

Any equipment failure on the road can be a horrifying experience, but the stakes grow considerably higher when a truck is involved. Large trucks such as tractor trailers can easily weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and that is not even counting the many secondary dangers posed by hazardous cargo and materials. Truck accidents that are caused by an equipment failure can be devastating events, precipitating pile-ups that can stretch for miles. If you have been involved in a truck accident of this kind and need to recover an appropriate settlement for your injuries, you will want to work with an experienced Arizona truck accident lawyer right away.

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Different Truck Parts & Equipment to Maintain

Understanding accidents of this kind requires a good facility with the mechanics involved. Trucks are typically composed of two parts: the tractor and the trailer. If equipment in the tractor fails, the result could be unwanted acceleration, steering issues, or a total engine shutdown. If something behind the cab fails, on the other hand, the result could be a jackknife, a hazardous materials leak, or a runaway trailer that can't be stopped. Any of these circumstances can lead to rollover accidents and powerful impacts with other vehicles, and the injuries that result can be catastrophic. Seeking compensation for your losses is essential to achieve justice.

Sorting out the disparate causes behind a truck equipment failure is never easy, however. Many people assume the fault must lie with the manufacturer, but that is not always the case. Sometimes inadequate maintenance regimens may be to blame, especially if a shipping corporation is trying to cut corners on replacement parts. Driver error can contribute to an equipment failure as well, including incidents where a driver was "riding the brakes" for too long or put some other kind of undue stress on the truck itself. Equipment failure may even be attributable to overloaded or imbalanced cargo.

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Hire an Arizona Truck Equipment Failure Lawyer

If you want to win a lawsuit of this kind, you need to work with truck accident attorneys who can help a jury understand every dimension of the collision. The Husband & Wife Law Team has been defending clients like you against predatory trucking company practices since 1996, and today this firm stands at the forefront of Arizona's truck accident legal community.

If you want to collect the money you are owed for an equipment failure accident, please call now by calling (602) 457-6222 or CLICK HERE to submit a Simple Case Form.

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