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Information about Injuries and Toe and Forefoot Fractures

As injury attorneys in Mesa, we see many people who as a result of car accident, motorcycle accidents, or other accidents sustained these types of serious injuries. Nearly one-fourth of all bones in the body are in the feet. These bones provide support and movement. If a bone in this area is broken it often heals without surgery.

Stress fractures frequently occur in the bones of the forefoot that extend from the toes to the middle of the foot. This type of injury can occur due to an auto accident, motorcycle accident, trucking accident, or even a slip and fall where someone else is at fault.

Many times we see foot fractures in car accidents because of the impact with another vehicle or with the impact with something in your own vehicle. Slip and falls produce many foot fractures as well. Having a foot fracture can be very difficult because we rely so much on getting around. People who have foot fractures often times are unable to move around at all and become very dependent on other people. Many foot fractures are very difficult especially for women because they cannot wear certain shoes due to their fracture. We have handled some auto accident cases where a foot fracture has resulted in a permanent injury where high heels cannot be worn again by the client. Foot fractures often lead to individuals being on crutches or in a wheel chair which is also very frustrating for individuals who are in pain and discomfort as a result of the negligence of another party.

If a person has a broken toe they may not be able to walk. Other symptoms include swelling and pain at the injured area. It is important to see a doctor immediately to ensure that the bones are in the correct alignment. If the symptoms occur or interfere with walking for more than three days it is important to see a doctor. If you are in a car accident in Mesa, typically the ambulance of air-helicopter will bring you straight to the hospital. Many times the door of the vehicle may be crushed in so that the jaws of life have to be used to pry the door open. We have had this happen to many of our clients. One client we had, had her door impacted so vigorously that her foot was jammed between the door and the interior part of the vehicle. Ultimately she required multiple surgeries, special sneakers as well as a skin graft because the skin from her foot was destroyed due to the impact from the other vehicle.

Patients should tell a doctor how their injury occurred and express limitations from the injury. A doctor will use an X-ray machine to have a better understanding of the extent of the injury. It is best to keep weight off of the fractured toes and apply ice and compression. Doctors often tape the broken toe to another to keep the toe straight. Healing of a broken toe takes time but once healed, a person will have full movement of the toe.

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