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Youngtown, Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Youngtown Spinal Cord Injuries Cause Long-Lasting Problems for Victims

A Youngtown spinal cord injury accident is not something that can simply be ignored. As experienced Arizona personal injury attorneys, we know how serious these accidents can be and we understand the permanent affects they can have. Since 2005, statistics have reported that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injuries nationwide and that car crashes account for more than 42 percent of all spinal cord injuries. Another 27 percent are the result of slips, trips, and falls, many of which occur in shopping malls and grocery stores. Reports indicate that 94.5 percent of spinal cord injuries result in some form of permanent or long-lasting paralysis.

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The Causes of a Youngtown Spinal Cord Injury

A Youngtown spinal cord injury can be caused by a number of different accidents and residents of the town should understand the risks of the activities they are involved in to keep themselves safe. According to the Arizona Governor's Council on Spinal and Head Injuries (AGCSHI), people younger than 30 are more likely to experience spinal injuries from playing sports or engaging in other athletic activities. People aged 40 and older, according to Brain and Spinal Cord, a non-profit education web site, are more likely suffer a spinal cord injury from accidents involving a slip, trip, or fall.

However, statistics report that people of all ages are equally as likely to suffer both temporary and permanent spinal cord injuries from motor vehicle and other transportation-related accidents. When you believe you have a spinal injury from a car accident or slip and fall, it is imperative to seek medical care right away. If you had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital from the scene of the accident, it is important when you are released home that you follow up with your doctor as soon as possible. Since pre-existing injuries may be likely, the insurance company will be looking for an excuse not to pay a fair settlement when it is a spinal cord injury, especially when it is one that does not require surgery.

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Why Call a Youngtown Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The Husband & Wife Law Team help spinal cord injury accident victims day in and day out. Our Arizona spinal cord injury attorneys use evidence from the accident, along with eyewitness testimony and expert assistance where necessary to develop a strong case. We do everything we can to negotiate a fair settlement that matches the severity of the injuries and covers medical treatments, temporary and permanent loss of income, and other damages. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 today for a free case evaluation and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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