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What Do You Do After A Van Accident in Avondale?

For families who like to be on the move, vans are the logical choice. But when you're involved in a collision while riding in, or driving, a van, you may quickly find out that just like other vehicles, they can't protect you from every incident on the road. Most mini vans and other types of vans come highly rated for safety, and despite their high rollover risk they typically do a great job of keeping you safe from serious harm in the event of an accident. But when other drivers on the road forget their safety minds at home or leave caution to the wind, their actions can leave you, and your family in a bad place, with serious injuries. A few things you and your family might have to consider after an Avondale van collision include:

  • How will you get all of the medical care that you and your family need? In a serious collision, the likelihood that more than one person in your van will be injured is pretty high. And that means that everyone who sustained injuries will need medical care. But how will you afford it all? Especially if you have a large family and everyone sustained injuries?
  • How will you get to and from all of your medical appointments? When more than one person is injured, medical appointments and physical therapy appointments can overlap, making it difficult for everyone to get where they need to go to get feeling better. Without a vehicle (if yours was totaled or needs repairs), the trips can be that much more difficult.
  • Who will take care of your children while you yourself are in recovery? When you are injured, you still have responsibilities to your job, yourself, and your family. But if you can't work, you may not be able to pay bills or put food on the table. And you may not be able to help your children through their recovery. At this point you will need a caregiver, possibly to live with your family, in order to ensure that your children are taken care of. But the problem remains: who will pay for this?

Families rely on vans for the ultimate in transportation: a way to get the entire family from point A to point B together. But when some drivers choose not to the follow the law, or not to be courteous on the road, this modern convenience can become a trap that leaves at least some, if not all, of the passengers injured. Our Avondale car accident attorneys can help you replace your van and work with the total loss of your van. We handle property damage free of charge.

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