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Get Legal Help After a Bike Collision at a Phoenix Intersection

Riding a bicycle on public roads sometimes involves cycling through areas of heavy traffic. No matter where you choose to ride in Arizona, you may need to cross an intersection or two. Depending on the time of day and where it is located, a crossroads can be perilous for even the most experienced cyclist.

Negligent drivers can create havoc in a busy intersection that can lead to serious injury or death. When this happens, the responsible party can be held liable in civil court. If you or a loved one was involved in an intersection bicycle collision in Phoenix, you may have grounds to pursue legal action. To obtain the full amount of compensation you’re owed, you'll need an experienced Phoenix bike accident lawyer. Fortunately, The Husband & Wife Law Team, has been helping people just like you secure compensation for decades. We are a dedicated personal injury firm that will aggressively pursue your goals and provide the highest level of representation for both you and your family.

To schedule a free consultation or to speak with a member of our team after a bicycle accident in Phoenix, call (602) 457-6222.

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Dangerous Driver Behavior

Reckless drivers, speeding motorcyclists, and oversized trucks are just some of the dangers we find. In fact, many motorists choose to engage in dangerous behavior when entering an intersection, such as:

How do bicyclists often get hurt at intersections? We’ve found three distinct ways:

  • Stop-sign collision: This type of accident typically occurs when the cyclist does not have a stop sign and the car does. Having the right-of-way in this scenario, the cyclist is the vehicle allowed to proceed freely, while the motorist is required to yield. When these accidents occur, the motorist may be distracted or not see the cyclist coming and drive out in front or directly into the cyclist as he or she enters the intersection.
  • Left-turn collision: At an intersection, a motorist may not see a cyclist approaching from the opposite direction or misjudge the speed at which he is traveling and turn left in front of and directly into the rider.
  • Right-turn collision: Right-turn accidents can take place in various ways. A car may pass a cyclist on a road, and then turn right in front of or directly into the rider. There are also instances in which both the car and the cyclist may be waiting at an intersection, but the motorist isn’t aware of the cyclist, so he or she turns into the rider when the light turns green.

For many drivers, making a left or right-hand turn on a busy street can be tricky. It requires the driver to be mindful of the incoming traffic, the traffic behind him, and the streetlights or signs governing the right-of-way. This is a lot of information to take in at once, so a good deal of concentration is required. If that driver is incapacitated for any reason or not paying attention, his turns can be treacherous for cyclists in and around the intersection.

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What Kind of Compensation Is Available After a Bike Crash?

Car-bike collisions in intersections can be quite dangerous. The resulting injuries, such as road rash, are often extensive and require considerable recovery. However, every accident is different, and the damages you may be owed depend on the situation. What was the motorist doing at the time of the accident? Was he intoxicated? How fast was she traveling? What kind of injuries did you suffer? These are all questions that will ultimately play into your settlement.

However, there are a number of physical and emotional costs that are common in bike accidents, which most settlements will cover. These can include:

  • Hospital and doctor bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Wrongful death

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Contact a Bike Accident Attorney in Phoenix

If you've been involved in a bike accident in Phoenix, whether at an intersection or elsewhere, you need experienced legal representation. The sooner you speak to one of our Phoenix bicycle accident lawyers, the better. Evidence can be lost, memories fade, and witnesses may move away. In addition, Arizona courts maintain a statute of limitations on all civil claims. This means if you fail to file by a certain time, you may lose your right to compensation. Don't lose out on the recovery you deserve!

Contact The Husband & Wife Law Team of Mark and Alexis Breyer today before it is too late. Call (602) 457-6222 to schedule a free consultation with our legal team and see how we can help you today.

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