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Uber Car Accidents Mean Complex Liability

By Breyer Law Offices on October 21, 2017

Uber is available in most cities across Arizona, especially in busier cities like Phoenix, Tempe, and Tucson. In fact, Uber rolled out its self-driving car in Tempe, and that’s also where one of those cars got into an accident — near Apache and Terrace close to Arizona State University — in early 2017. While the self-driving car wasn’t to blame (it had the right of way), accidents do happen and passengers could be involved in accidents whether the car has a driver or not. If you use Uber and are the victim of an accident, it’s good to know you have a team on your side to help you. Read the rest »

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What to Look for When Hiring an Arizona Personal Injury Lawyer

By Breyer Law Offices on October 18, 2017

Phoenix car accident lawyers are receiving calls on a daily basis. Why is that? Well, it’s because these accidents are happening every day throughout the Valley and unfortunately, many people are hurt. When you are hurt by another person or injured in accident, you may be hesitant at first to pursue a claim. We advise that you first consult an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer before deciding if you want to pursue compensation. Read the rest »

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Renewing Your Car Registration in Arizona

By Breyer Law Offices on October 14, 2017

It is the legal obligation of every car owner in Arizona to renew his or her registration annually and keep all registrations current. Expired registrations can be penalized with traffic tickets, fines, and even jail time in some extreme cases. Read the rest »

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Ask for a Copy of Your Automobile Insurance Policy

By Breyer Law Offices on October 8, 2017

As Phoenix car accident attorneys, we receive many calls related to insurance coverage. That’s why we know it’s important for people to understand what type of automobile coverage they’ve purchased. Many people think that when they purchase insurance coverage they are getting “full coverage.” Read the rest »

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High Gas Prices Coming? Tips for Saving at the Pump

By Breyer Law Offices on September 20, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has caused gas prices across the nation to skyrocket. Nearly 30% of the United States’ refining capacity along the Gulf Coast has shut down or slowed. With Irma’s destruction following right behind, there’s no sign of it stopping.

According to AAA, a gallon of regular gas increased almost five cents to $2.45 a gallon in the last week of August. And experts from the Oil Price Information Service say those high prices could stick around for several weeks. Read the rest »

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Scottsdale Police Are Going High-Def

By Breyer Law Offices on September 17, 2017

Police units around the country are promoting the use of car dash and body cameras to record their actions. The Scottsdale police department has been employing these methods for years, but now, they’re boosting their efforts by going high-def. Read the rest »

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3 Women Arrested for Staging Accident Scene

By Breyer Law Offices on September 12, 2017

Thieves can get creative with their schemes, and that’s what happened in the case of three Las Vegas women charged with staging car accidents in order to steal from victims. Read the rest »

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Phoenix Heat Waves – Avoid Stress on Your Car!

By Breyer Law Offices on September 10, 2017

Phoenix has experienced multiple days of triple-digit temperatures lately, with many more to come this year and next. When the temperatures rise to record highs, it’s not just plants, animals, and humans that are affected. Cars are, too. And when cars and roads heat up, drivers have to take a few extra precautions to stay safe.

Here are some tips to avoid car accidents caused by heat-related stress: Read the rest »

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Legal Implications of Self-Driving Cars, Autonomous Driving Features

By Breyer Law Offices on September 8, 2017

Technology is constantly improving and opening up newer and more exciting features for drivers. Many features improve the performance and safety of the car and increase the vehicle’s responsiveness. However, because these features are autonomous, they don’t always need input from drivers before they kick on and take over. Here are a few examples: Read the rest »

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It’s September: Check Your Vehicle!

By Breyer Law Offices on September 1, 2017

AZ Black Wednesday Drunk Driving CrashIt can be enjoyable to spontaneously decide to take a short trip as the summer is winding down. In these situations, such as amid the heavily traveled Labor Day Weekend, it is still best to allocate some time for checking to be sure your vehicle is properly serviced before departure. You can quickly conduct many of these basic safety checks yourself. Read the rest »

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