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2021 Among Deadliest Years for Arizona Drivers

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 5, 2022

Driving a vehicle in Arizona is proving to be more dangerous than ever, with the highest number of fatal accidents in over a decade. This frightening increase in fatalities is due to faster driving speeds, causing more violent accidents, according to the Governor’s Department of Highway Safety. The speeding trend began during the pandemic, with traffic deaths increasing, even with fewer vehicles on the road.

Arizona’s Highways and Traffic Volume

The main highways in the state are some of the most heavily traveled in the country, adding to the risk for drivers. The average daily number of vehicles on the main highways are tracked and reported by ADOT. A staggering number of commercial trucks, along with vehicles of all types use these roadways to move around or through the state. With 6,356,220 registered drivers in the state, and a total of 98,778 crashes per year, close to 1,000 deaths and 26,610 injuries, the dangers of traveling on Arizona highways are increasing at a rate that should make any driver nervous. Some of the most heavily traveled and dangerous highways in the state include:

  • I-40
  • 1-510
  • I-710
  • I-8
  • I-10
  • I-11
  • I-15
  • I-17
  • I-19

Types of Accidents on Arizona Highways, Streets, and Roads

ADOT issues yearly “Crash Facts” that reveal shocking numbers of deaths and injuries. The most recent data released by the agency regarding the types of accidents are as follows:

  • Angle (side impact)accident: 12,669
  • Left turn accident: 14,123
  • Rear-end accident: 31,868
  • Sideswipe (same direction): 13,520
  • Sideswipe (opposite direction): 1,441
  • U-turn accident: 308
  • Other: 4,740

Speeding and Auto Accidents in Arizona

Speeding is one of the most dangerous of all driving behaviors, and the recent statistics issued by AZ DOT for a recent year prove the point:

  • Speed Too Fast for Conditions: 28,982 accidents, 49% of total, 543 fatal accidents, 9335 injuries.
  • Exceeded Lawful Speed: 1013 accidents, .53% of total, 70 fatal accidents, 398 injuries.

The other listed contributing factors to the increasing rate of injuries and deaths in car accidents include:

  • Failed to Yield Right-Of-Way: 16,621 accidents, 101 fatal, 5715 injuries.
  • Followed Too Closely: 5,599 accidents, 3 fatal, 1446 injuries.
  • Ran Stop Sign: 977 accidents, 14 fatal, 408 injuries.
  • Disregarded Traffic Signal: 4,801 accidents, 47 fatal, 2050 injuries.
  • Made Improper Turn: 3,674 accidents, 6 fatal, 928 injuries.
  • Drove in Opposing Lane: 343 accidents, 10 fatal, 119 injuries.
  • Drove Left of Center Line: 625 accidents, 61 fatal, 243 injuries.
  • Passed in No-Passing Zone: 114 accidents, 3 fatal, 36 injuries.
  • Unsafe Lane Change: 6,515 accidents, 14 fatal, 998 injuries.
  • Failed to Keep in Proper Lane: 5,289 accidents, 88 fatal, 1326 injuries.
  • Crossed Median: 145 accidents, 20 fatal, 66 injuries.
  • Aggressive Driving: 205 accidents, 3 fatal, 59 injuries.
  • Wrong Way Driving: 61 accidents, 12 fatal, 22 injuries.

How to Stay Safe on Arizona Roadways

To avoid an accident, it is imperative that you drive defensively, stay alert to weather conditions, and move out of the way of any driver that is driving dangerously. Even with the best driving habits, an innocent person can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and involved in a car accident with a commercial truck or passenger vehicle or caught in a multi-car accident. To drive safely in Arizona, avoid cell phone use, focus on the road ahead, and follow the posted speed limits, unless you encounter dangerous weather conditions. In severe weather, slow down.

Who is at Fault?

After an auto accident, law enforcement and emergency medical personnel will arrive at the accident site. A full evaluation of what occurred will take place, including reviewing skid marks, the condition of the vehicles, location of the accident, and speaking with eyewitnesses and the people involved. Arizona is a “comparative fault” state, which means that each person is assigned a percentage of fault. If another person is 100 percent at fault, 100 percent of the compensation goes to the person or persons injured or killed. If each driver holds some percentage of fault, the amount paid out will diminish based on the percentage of fault.

What is My Case Worth?

The compensation you could recover after a car accident includes economic damages (real-world losses such as loss of income from work, medical costs, rehabilitation, medications, retraining, and others), and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and emotional anguish. Each type of damage is given a monetary value.

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