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Are Las Vegas Motorists Among the Nation’s Best Drivers?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 5, 2017

Nearly ten years ago, Nevada was considered one of the worst states to drive in, racking up major accidents every year. But times are changing and today Nevada is considered one of the safer places to drive in the nation.

Las Vegas, however, still has some work to do along its main highways and freeways, particularly the Las Vegas Beltway and the stretch of I-15 that runs through the city. This highway in particular is still considered one of the deadliest roads in the entire country.

The Cold Hard Stats

These new facts were researched by Allstate Insurance and released in their 12th annual America’s Best Drivers Report. That report analyzes the 200 biggest cities in all of America and ranks them according to the safety of the roads and the number of car accidents that occur there. In 2015, Allstate’s report found that Las Vegas was ranked 113th out of 200. But the 2016 report ranked Las Vegas 99th out of 200, so improvement is on its way.

Allstate’s report showed that while the average driver will experience a car accident every ten years, those in Las Vegas will experience one every 9.1 years. It was also found that Las Vegas drivers are also 16.7 percent more likely to cause a car accident than the national average.

So with Las Vegas still sitting in the middle of the pack compared to other cities around the country, how did Nevada improve so much overall? One of the biggest factors is Reno, which was ranked as one of the safest cities in the entire nation.

While Las Vegas drivers might get into more car accidents than the national average, those in Reno get into far fewer. According to Allstate, Reno drivers are involved in an accident every 12.3 years, and they’re 18.4 percent less likely to get into an accident when compared with the national average.

Good Motorists or Bad, Sometimes Accidents Happen

If you’ve recently been in a Las Vegas car accident, these statistics may not surprise you. If you’ve been injured, you might not know that you may be entitled to compensation. If you’ve been hurt, contact The Husband and Wife Law Team by calling (702) 380-8000. There’s a representative waiting to talk to you about your case right now!

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