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How Do We Afford Funeral Expenses After a Car Accident When We Have No Money?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 13, 2009

If you have lost a loved one and have a wrongful death claim in Arizona, there are several things you may be able to do to afford the funeral expenses. First an experienced injury and wrongful death lawyer in Arizona may be able to check the auto insurance policy to see if there is coverage for funeral expenses. Some policies cover for funeral expenses or will have medical payments coverage, which can sometimes be used for funeral expenses as well.

Many funeral homes will negotiate payment with families when it is for a loved one who has been injured by the negligence of another individual. There are also many finance companies that will finance the funeral costs and expenses. In addition, there are companies that will pay for the funeral expenses and then wait for payment from the settlement claim.

We usually recommend that people let us look over the auto insurance policy. Many times people have auto insurance coverage in Arizona that will pay for funeral expenses. What is important is that you read over the contracts for the policies to see if there is special coverage to pay for the funeral expenses. Many life insurance policies will give extra money for funeral expenses if it is proven that the injured individual was wearing the seatbelt. This is something we sometimes have to prove to the life insurance policy because a witness who is checking on the individual or a police officer could think the seatbelt was not on, when in actuality, the seatbelt was being worn at the time of the accident.

If you have a family member who has been injured in Arizona by the negligence of another individual, it is best to discuss payment of funeral expenses and your wrongful death claim with an experienced Arizona wrongful death attorney. Alexis and Mark Breyer are available to discuss your Arizona wrongful death claim at any time. We offer no obligation, free consultations and understand that after such a tragic event, you are going through a lot of emotions. We are here to help with your wrongful death claim and you can call us Valleywide at (602) 457-6222 or by simply sending us information through any contact form on our site.

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