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Arizona Car Accidents: Construction Zone Crashes

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 13, 2014

Arizona Car CrashAs Arizona car accident lawyers, we hear about many crashes happening because of drivers who don’t slow down in construction zones, don’t yield to other cars when they are merging, and fail to stay aware of other traffic. These accidents can be deadly and can result in many injuries to the driver, his passengers, as well as people in other cars. In some cases, construction workers are also injured. It is important that drivers use caution when driving through these areas, as well as follow a few other helpful tips.

Slow down. Most construction zones require a slower speed limit. Take note of these signs and make sure to obey them. These zones enforce slower speeds so that drivers are able to respond to anything that might come into their path, including construction equipment, other cars, sharp curves in the road, and sudden lane changes.

Watch for other motorists. Be alert and drive defensively. That means trying to anticipate what the other drivers might do. Leave plenty of room between your car and others in order to give yourself time to slow and stop as well as swerve out of the way if necessary.

Watch for construction workers. If you see construction signs, it is possible there are workers who are either very close to the road or on it. It could also mean there is slow-moving equipment and heavy machinery that you should watch out for. Read the construction signs and heed what they are telling you, whether it is to slow down, change lanes, or be prepared to stop ahead.

Be ready to yield at a moment’s notice. In construction zones, things can change in an instant. A tool could fall into the road, a tractor could accidentally back into your lane, or another driver could make a sudden lane change to avoid an object or obstacle. Be prepared to react quickly and keep your speed slow so you have the time to make these adjustments.

If you or a loved one is injured in an Arizona car accident inside or outside a construction zone, call us at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. so we can determine whether or not you have a case. If you do, we will begin investigating your case immediately.

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