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Dangerous Intersections in Tucson

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 25, 2019

Although many big cities have dangerous intersections, Tucson seems to have a number of areas that cause problems for drivers. Kolb Road and Grant Road even have more than one dangerous spot. These intersections are more likely to be host to car accidents, pedestrian accidents, motorcycle crashes, T-bone crashes, and more. Do you live near these intersections? You might want to take extra precaution when you drive through them. They include:

  • Golf Links Road and Kolb Road
  • 22nd Street and Kolb Road
  • North Alvernon Way and East Grant Road
  • Grant Road and Swan Road
  • East Broadway Boulevard and South Wilmot Way
  • South Kino Parkway and East 36th Street
  • North Oracle and West Grant

These intersections see dozens of crashes every year, and at least several each month. While drivers who cause the crashes are likely speeding, not paying attention, and running red lights, for some reason it is more likely to happen at these intersections. In some instances, police increase traffic enforcement in these areas because they are so dangerous.

There is also a lot of pedestrian and bike activity in these areas, and with people speeding through and running red lights, it puts everyone at risk. Parents are also worried about letting their kids walk to school through these areas.

Tucson officials are working hard to remedy the situation. Apart from increasing patrol presence in the area to cut down on speeding and distracted driving, the city is also installing pedestrian beacons at:

  • 22nd Street and Longfellow Avenue
  • Alvernon Way and Bellevue Street
  • Campbell Avenue and Wyoming Street
  • Pima Street and Mountain View Avenue
  • Prince Road and Crescent Manor Drive
  • Sixth Avenue and Ohio Street

These special High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) lights will consist of red and yellow signals to warn drivers that someone is crossing. Studies have shown that these crosswalks have a better than 90% rate of effectiveness. By installing them, the city hopes to keep pedestrians safer.

To reduce your risk of being involved in an accident in these intersections, always obey all traffic laws. Don’t speed, and don’t drive distracted. As you approach the intersection, be aware of other cars, bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcycles. Proceed through the intersection with caution and practice defensive driving techniques. If you notice someone else breaking the law, report them immediately to keep yourself and others safe.

Although these are the most dangerous intersections in Tucson, any intersection can present a safety hazard. Always drive with care, and if you are injured, contact the Tucson car accident attorneys at The Husband and Wife Law Team for advice on your case immediately.

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