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Driving Tips For Rainy Arizona Roads & Treacherous Travel

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 18, 2016

Despite El Nino’s lackluster performance this rainy season, weather forecasters are still anticipating showers. Whether this will happen or not is anyone’s guess. But one thing is for certain – when there are heavy downpours in cities like Flagstaff or Sedona, there is localized flooding and slippery roadways. It doesn’t take much for an unwary driver to end up skidding all over the road when the heavy rains begin. The key is keeping an eye on the road and as conditions deteriorate, make the appropriate adjustments.
The America Automobile Association (AAA) put together a small list of helpful tips for anyone driving into, or through, inclement weather:

  • Control Your Cruise – Who doesn’t love cruise control? With the press of a button you’re gliding along without having to negotiate the pedals. The same could be said of automatic drive options found on some newer models, such as the Tesla. Unfortunately, these options can become a liability once the rain starts. Be sure to disengage any cruise functions on your car the minute you notice drops or snow falling from the sky.
  • Slow it Down –  It takes only a thin later of water or ice to cause your vehicle to skid out of control. The faster your car is going, the harder it is to brake and the more likely you’ll be involved in a collision. So, ease up on the accelerator and put some space between yourself and the traffic around you.
  • Don’t Panic – When most drivers begin to feel their car hydroplane, they slam on the brakes and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this is the last thing you should do. When your car begins to skid, even a little, continue to steer the vehicle in the direction you want it to go, while maintaining control. Pump your brakes and ease off the gas enough to regain your bearings.

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