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Four Ways that a Tempe Traffic Accident Will Make You a Better Driver

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 18, 2014

Nobody wants to be involved in a Tempe traffic accident. After all, wanting to go through the pain, suffering, and frustration of possible injuries, damages to your vehicle, missed time from work, and dealing with uncooperative insurance companies would be crazy. Most people believe, and rightly so, that nothing good can ever come from being involved in a collision. But the truth is that there is one benefit to being involved in a crash: you become a better driver, even if it is only for a time. That may sound strange, but here are some good reasons that you can count on a traffic collision to make you a better driver next time around.

  • You will become more aware of your surroundings. For a time after your car crash, you will become hyper aware of your surroundings. You’ll notice the things that other drivers do more often, probably for the long term, and know when something bad is about to go down on the road. You will be more likely to notice those drivers who are driving distracted, who are talking or texting, or who just plain aren’t paying attention to the road. And that means you just might have more time to get away from them.
  • You will be more likely to follow the law. If your own error contributed to your accident, then you will be more likely to follow the law. This means you might be more likely to drive the speed limit, use your blinker, and not cut off other vehicles, or run red lights and stop signs.
  • You’ll be more likely to change your own driving habits for the better. In addition to being better at following the law, you just might change your own habits while driving. If distracted driving was a factor in your accident, you are more likely to not talk or text while driving in the future.
  • You’re more likely to have a mind focused on safety. Driving safely isn’t just about driving with your attention on the road or following the law. It’s also about having a mind for safety. When safety becomes your habit on the road, you significantly reduce your risk of being involved in a collision.

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