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Hazards to Avoid While Driving at Night

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 4, 2017

Going for a ride at night can be a great way to relieve the stress of the day. Driving carefully, however, is perhaps more important at night than during the day: poor visibility and slowed reactions caused by being tired can put your in danger.

Check Your Headlights

When driving at night, what’s the most important safety step? Making sure you can see! Poor lighting at night reduces visibility, and one of the best ways to combat that is through proper use of safety lights on your car or truck. Check your headlights and taillights often to make sure they are working, and replace them promptly if you notice that one has burned out. Make sure your turning lights and high beams work properly as well.

Stay Awake and Alert

Driving at night can be relaxing, but after a long day of work or classes, it can be a little too relaxing. Make sure you stay awake and alert. Drowsiness can slow your reaction times significantly, making it all too easy to become involved in a collision. If you are feeling tired, then pull over and get out of your vehicle where it is safe to do so. You should walk around and take some deep breaths to get oxygen into your system and help you wake up. Drinking caffeine can also help keep you alert and awake when driving at night.

Watch Out for Wild Animals

Wild animals might not be a major concern when driving around Phoenix, especially on freeways, but you should keep an eye out for nocturnal animals. This is even more important when driving out of the city, such as when heading north to Prescott or south to Tucson. Keep an eye out for coyotes and other animals that wander onto roads at night. While you do not want to hit a cute little raccoon, take care not to swerve dangerously to avoid it…you may hit another vehicle or divider.

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