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Does Scottsdale See More Traffic in the Summer?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 10, 2018

Summer is a gorgeous time in Scottsdale, and along with the picnics and outdoor events and festivals, it would make sense that there would also be more vehicles on the road as people go to and from various activities.

However, the traffic problems in Scottsdale seem to ease up during the summer months and become worse in the winter. Why is this?

Why Scottsdale Sees More Traffic in Winter

One of the main reasons Scottsdale has more winter traffic is that university and college students head back in early fall and drive to and from their campuses throughout the winter months. Scottsdale boasts many great post-secondary schools, including Northcentral University, Northern Arizona University, and University of Phoenix, to name just a few. Thousands of students flock into the area, and as they do, the streets naturally become more congested.

While Scottsdale offers many different activities throughout the year, one of the biggest is the Phoenix Open. This professional golf tournament is held in late January and early February of every year, bringing thousands of golf enthusiasts and tourists to the area. One ITS Traffic Engineer, Steve Ramsey, points to this event, and the security surrounding it, as a major traffic problem. While the Open once had 50 police officers controlling traffic at the event, over the years that number has gone down to just four. It’s easy to see how this event means major problems for traffic in Scottsdale, which could spill out to other nearby areas.

Dangers to Pedestrians and Cyclists

The increase of pedestrians and cyclists may also be a contributing factor to Scottsdale’s winter traffic problems. The Scottsdale sun can be brutally hot in the summer. In the winter, the air is a bit cooler, providing for a much more comfortable stroll or bike ride.

In March 2018, a pedestrian was hit and killed in the downtown area. It reminded local residents of a particularly bad time in 2014 when pedestrians were constantly getting hit, and sometimes killed, in the same area. The reasoning given for the uptick in pedestrian accidents was that Scottsdale’s downtown has become a bustling hub of activity, with more nightclubs, bars, and restaurants opening every week. Again, while it may be too hot to walk to and from these businesses in the summer, winter is the time to take a leisurely walk.

Dangers to Drivers

Of course, it’s not just pedestrians and cyclists who get hurt in Scottsdale. Drivers and passengers are always at risk. While most motorists try to keep themselves and their passengers safe by staying within the speed limit and obeying traffic laws, avoiding certain intersections may also be a good idea.

In Scottsdale, the intersection of Hayden and Thomas roads may be the most hazardous in the city. It’s not hard to understand why, with the number of restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and even a gym where these two roads meet. In 2013, this intersection had the most accidents in the area: 41 reported accidents with 21 reported injuries. Due to the fact that it’s a busy intersection with a lot of amenities and a lot of vehicles, it’s thought that most of the accidents were caused by frustrated drivers who made poor decisions.

But while the intersection of Hayden and Thomas had the most accidents, it’s certainly not the only dangerous intersection in Scottsdale. The intersection of Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road had 33 accidents in the same year, while Scottsdale and Camelback saw 29 accidents. The intersection of Scottsdale and McDowell also saw 29 accidents in 2013.

What to Do After a Scottsdale Accident

No one wants to get into an accident. But they happen, and oftentimes, the people who are hurt the worst are not the ones at fault. Those accidents, and the injuries resulting from them, not only take a long time to recover from, they can cost a great deal of money in medical bills, lost time from work, and more.

When that is the case, a Scottsdale car accident attorney can help. At Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we know all Arizona’s laws and how they will apply to any car accident case. We also take on all of the legwork, filing the necessary paperwork and scheduling court dates and hearings. But perhaps most importantly, we’re our clients’ best chance at getting the compensation they need to help with the financial burdens of their accidents.

While Scottsdale is a beautiful place to live, it can also be a dangerous one for motorists on the road. When a worst-case scenario happens, it’s important that accident victims know there is help available to them. Call (480) 422-5474 for a free consultation with The Husband and Wife Law Team today!

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