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Southwest Regional Lawyer Academy Viral Video Contest Winner is a School from Outside of San Antonio

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 2, 2011

With the number of injuries and death due to motor vehicle accidents, it isn’t a wonder that people in Arizona are standing up to help many others be aware of the safety practices in driving. The First Baptist Academy in Universal City Texas did just this, and they won the first annual American Lawyer Academy Viral Video Scholarship Contest.

This contest was held so that the public may be educated on safe driving practices. Mark and Alexis Breyer are the Husband and Wife Law Team who practice personal injury and wrongful death law in Phoenix, Arizona; and they sponsored the Southwest region.

Their teacher, Christi Steubben, had said that her class was active in joining contests online because they were confident in winning. 45 students, ages 11-17 worked on the video for three months, and the entire community was also involved in finding a wrecked car and then staging a funeral for the video. Promoting the video afterwards through family members, emails and social media sites helped up the vote on the video.

When the students were informed that they won, everybody celebrated in the hallway. The students then agreed that the scholarship money they won would be given to the school because during Memorial Day weekend, the school was vandalized and the windows in the bus and transportation vans were broken. Steubben was so proud of the maturity of the students, and their willingness to give.

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