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Taking Effective Photos After an Automobile Accident in Phoenix

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 13, 2022

An auto accident, even if minor, is a shock. The crashing sound of impact, losing control of your vehicle, the fear of death, and the pain of an injury can leave you feeling powerless, fearful, and confused. However, when possible, taking photos after an auto accident can be critical to the outcome of an injury claim. Without photographic evidence, the at-fault driver and their insurance company may assert you were wholly or partially at fault in the accident. The photographic evidence tells the story of what occurred – and the more photos you have, the better.

Photographic Evidence and Your Car Accident Claim in Phoenix

Photos of the accident scene can be the pivotal factor in whether an injury claim is paid in full, or efforts to reduce the value of a claim or lawsuit succeed. Initially, you will be contacted by an insurance adjuster from the responsible party’s auto insurance company. If you are armed with a set of effective photos, it may be the essential piece in a successful injury claim. The photos can also be a powerful way to refresh your memory should your case advance to a claim in civil court.

The Right Camera

Most modern smartphones are equipped with excellent cameras and are all that you need to take images of the accident scene. If possible, enable the time/date stamp feature before you take images. Other options include being equipped with a disposable camera in your glove compartment to use after a car accident.

The Details Matter – Take These Pictures.

When taking pictures, ensure you cover the entire scope of the accident. Images from various distances, and photo documentation of road conditions, weather, and other factors often turn out to be crucial supporting evidence in an injury claim.

The photos to take after an accident include:

  • Your car, truck, van, SUV, and the damage to it
  • Pictures of damage to the vehicles involved in the accident
  • Images of skid marks on the roadway, from close-up and from a distance so the actual location is easily seen
  • Accident debris on the road
  • Any road signs such as stop signs or traffic signals
  • The license plates of the vehicles involved
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Images that accurately show your location, including adjoining buildings, street signs, etc.
  • Weather conditions such as sun, rain, ice, snow
  • Photos of eyewitnesses (ensure you record names, addresses, and contact phone numbers of all witnesses)

Your Personal Injury Lawyer and Your Case

Many people are told they won’t need a lawyer – in cases of serious injuries, the need for a qualified, experienced, and dedicated attorney cannot be overstated. Car insurance companies focus on paying out as little as possible, and without counsel, you may accept a settlement far lower than what could be achieved with the help of a lawyer.

Once you sign off and accept a settlement, you will be unable to go back for more should your injuries prove to be more serious. You may be left with long-term pain, the need for ongoing rehabilitation or medical care, or are unable to work. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, your case will be in the hands of true professionals in personal injury law.

Attorney Mark Breyer is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law, a designation earned by only two percent of the lawyers in the state. Our legal team has over two decades in practice, and is highly professional, while offering the level of personalized care and service you deserve.

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