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The Latest in Car Tech Safety

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 13, 2021

Closeup black car's headlightCar technology is evolving at a rapid pace, changing how automobiles operate for both drivers and passengers. With every new step forward in vehicle technology, however, manufacturers must keep up to ensure the safety of those out on the road. Some features, in fact, are being designed for the sole purpose of increasing the safety of drivers and passengers.

Innovative Safety Features in the World of Automobiles

Each year, more vehicles are being designed and manufactured with the latest built-in technology. Some of these features are highly noticeable, while others are more subtle. Some of these new advances include:

  • Forward collision warnings. Rear-end collisions are the most common traffic accident. Distracted or negligent drivers, poor signage, defective traffic lights, and other issues may all factor into a rear-end collision. Forward collision warnings alert drivers when they are too close to the car ahead of them so that they can slow down or stop accordingly.
  • Lane departure warnings. A car drifting in and out of a lane is a problem, especially for other vehicles. A new alert system warns drivers when they have moved over the markings of their lane without the use of a turn signal. This can prevent some car crashes.
  • Backup cameras. Have you noticed this technology in the latest car models? Backup cameras, which automatically switch on when you put the car in reverse, have been so successful that they are mandatory for any car manufactured after May 2018. These cameras give drivers a clear view of what is behind the car when parking or driving in reverse.
  • Blind spot detection. We all know about blind spots, the places around your car that you have to be very aware of when merging or changing lanes. A feature built into newer vehicles will warn drivers if there is a car in their blind spot when they start to switch lanes. We think this one will really prevent accidents.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking systems (AEB). These brake systems will automatically slow or stop the vehicle if a possible crash is detected. They could become especially important for preventing rear-end crashes, since drivers require advanced time for making a complete stop.
  • Traction control systems. Slippery roads can be a major problem for drivers and even cause a vehicle to spin out of control. Traction control systems use anti-lock braking technology and limit the movement of the tires when they are in contact with slippery surfaces, giving the driver more control over the vehicle.
  • Adaptive cruise control. This cruise control technology will automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle to keep a safe amount of distance between your car and the one in front of it.
  • Voice control and Bluetooth technology. Using a cell phone while driving is very dangerous, can cause distracted driving, and is illegal in Arizona. Turning your attention to the radio or other areas on the dashboard can also be quite distracting. New Bluetooth technology allows you to use hands-free voice commands to answer a phone call on speaker, operate the radio, or use a GPS system. Fewer distracted drivers mean fewer accidents out on the road.
  • Gear shift palm detection. One innovative feature implemented in certain vehicles is a sensor built into the gear shift that locks the car into park when alcohol is detected in the driver’s system (by touch or breath). This navigation system will alert the driver of a possible drunk driving incident, preventing what could have been a major crash.
  • Adaptive headlights. One feature making its way into newer vehicles is adaptive headlights, which automatically turn on when the steering wheel is turned. These could be quite effective, as making a turn along a dark road can reveal unforeseen obstacles. Adaptive headlights would ensure that the driver sees these dangers with time to slow down or stop.

New Technology Cannot Fix All Human Error

While the latest technology is definitely enhancing driver and passenger safety around the world, some of the features are still quite new… and they shouldn’t replace defensive driving. As with any type of technology, these features may experience defects. No driver should rely on them to do the job of driving entirely.

Whether you are in an accident because of a technological flaw or an error made by a negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Our highly skilled team of Phoenix car accident attorneys may be able to negotiate to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C., today at (602) 457-6222 for a free consultation.

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