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What Can Cause a UPS Truck to Rollover?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 21, 2016

Fortunately, rollovers by UPS trucks are relatively rare, but when such a crash does occur it can be extremely serious for the driver of the truck and anyone else involved. The vast majority of these types of accidents, and truck accidents in general, occur due to some sort of driver error. Truck rollovers usually happen because the driver goes too fast or the truck is improperly loaded. While rollovers are typically more common in rural areas, they can still be a concern for drivers and pedestrians in the Phoenix metro area.

There are a number of different reasons why a UPS truck rollover can occur, but in many instances of a truck rollover it is due to speed. Trucks are designed to travel at a certain speed, especially when making a turn or otherwise maneuvering. Drivers who push their vehicle to speeds in excess of what is safe risk being unable to respond to a situation if it occurs, and they can also create a situation in which a rollover becomes possible.

High speeds can cause a truck to continue moving in the original direction while the driver attempts to make a turn. This effectively causes the truck to trip on its own wheels, as it tries to move against the side of the tires. When this occurs, the truck is likely to begin tipping or actually rollover onto its side or roof, depending on the speed it is traveling. Unless a UPS manager or the truck manufacturer deceives a driver into believing higher speeds are safer than they actually are, the driver is typically going to be responsible for this type of crash.

Improperly packed loads can also contribute to a UPS truck rollover. Safe control of a large truck often involves understanding how weight is distributed in the back of the truck and driving appropriately. If a truck is overloaded with too much weight, it can make it easier for it to rollover even when driven at reasonable speeds. Proper amounts of weight that are loaded in strange or inappropriate ways can make the truck top-heavy or more likely to roll toward one side. While the driver should typically be aware of how the truck is packed, improper training or oversight can potentially make people other than the driver liable for this type of crash.

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