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Work Zone Safety and Arizona Law

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 3, 2013

If you’re like most drivers, when you hit construction on your way to and from the office every day, you get frustrated. Your hands tightly grip the wheel, your heart rate goes up, and all you want to do is weave in and out of the cars stopped in front of you so you can get to your destination faster. You’ve probably thought about speeding through a construction zone and maybe you’ve even done it, especially when there were no workers around and you thought you could get away with it. But according to Arizona Law, this is an egregious act and could lead to serious fines and worse if anyone is injured as a result of your reckless driving behaviors. ARS 28-710 prohibits drivers from going over the temporarily posted speed limit in construction zones, whether there are workers present at the time of the infraction or not. Fines are substantially higher for those drivers who commit the offense when workers are present.

How to Avoid a Work Zone Arizona Car Crash

When you’re driving in a work zone, despite your temptations you should do everything in your power to keep yourself and construction workers safe from harm. The best way to do this is to follow some simple construction zone safety tips.

  • Always follow the posted speed limit for the construction zone you are driving in.
  • Never assume that there are no workers simply because it is dark or you cannot immediately see them.
  • Avoid driving in the lane closest to the construction, if possible, so that if a person steps or falls from the construction site there will be little to no chance of a serious accident.

If You Are Injured in a Work Zone Arizona Car Crash

Victims of Arizona car crashes that happen in work zones have rights and should reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team can help you understand your rights and secure a fair settlement for your injuries. We would work out the details of a settlement that would cover the costs of your medical care, personal damages and other costs associated with the collision. For help understanding your rights and your case, reach out to the attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C.

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