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How Long Should a Car Battery Last?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 3, 2017

Driving around with a failing car battery can be dangerous. Most of the time, a dead battery will simply prevent your car from starting, but it can fail while your car is moving. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road, or even worse, tangled in a car accident that could have been prevented. These are just a few reasons why proper car maintenance, including maintenance of your car battery, is so important.

Battery Life

Typically, car batteries will last anywhere from two to six years, but this will change depending on the environment. Extreme heat and humidity can greatly affect battery life, so residents of Arizona should have their car batteries checked regularly—for example, this can be done with every oil change, every three to six months. Car batteries in extreme cold temperatures also have shorter lives, but those in mildly cold climates will likely have a longer life.

Check Your Battery in the Cab

Here are some tips to get you safely from Point A to Point B.

1. Listen to how quickly the engine cranks up when the car is first started. When the ignition is turned, the car’s battery starts the car. If this doesn’t happen quickly, it can be a sign that the battery is aging and should be replaced.

2. Look at the electrical components on the dashboard. If any are malfunctioning, it can be another sign that the battery is dead, or on its last legs.

3. Pay careful attention to the battery light. This is often easy to miss, but it’s usually in the shape of a car battery. Just like any other warning light on the dash, this will light up when the battery is becoming old or drained.

Check Under the Hood

One warning sign that residents of Arizona need to pay particular attention to is a swollen or bulging battery case. When that happens, it’s a sign of a bad chemical reaction inside the case and the battery should be changed right away. While checking on the battery, also look for signs of corrosion, as this is an additional warning that the battery is reaching the end of its life.

In Arizona, drivers should change their car batteries every four years. They are not very expensive and the small amount of time it takes can help protect everyone against an accident. It’s also advised that after any car accident, no matter how minor, the battery should also be replaced, as it can suffer damage that may not be visible.

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