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Riding the Rails: Tips for Phoenix Cyclists on Making the Most of Light Rail

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 19, 2014

If you’re a Phoenix cyclist, then you already know the value of green living—riding your bike to work helps you save on gas and vehicle maintenance, and avoid the stress of bumper-to-bumper traffic. It also helps you get fit, stay fit, and feel good knowing that you’re doing something to improve your budget and the environment. According to Valley Metro (VM), if you bike instead of drive just 10 miles every week of the year, you can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 500 lbs. But sometimes, when you have to go long distances, or when you’re tired from a poor night’s sleep or long day’s work, you need a little extra help getting to where you’re going. Without a car, you’re likely to turn to the Phoenix Valley Metro Rail to get around Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa. If you’re a bicyclist, though, riding the light rail is different than if you are a pedestrian passenger. For your safety and your convenience, there are a few things you should know about taking your bike on the metro.

  • Crowded cars can’t safely accommodate you and your bicycle. During rush hour, you may have to let a few trains pass in order to be able to find one you can board safely.
  • Make sure you stay close to the doors, but don’t block the doors or the aisle. You’ll need plenty of time to get on and off the train safely. You wouldn’t want to get your bicycle trapped in the door, which could cause you to fall and sustain injuries.
  • Plan to get on cars where you don’t see many people so you can claim a bicycle rack. All cars on the Phoenix light rail are bicycle friendly, and each car is marked on the doors nearest the racks.
  • Don’t jaywalk (or jayride) near the trains. This could land you a serious fine and could also cause you to become seriously injured, especially if you are hit by a vehicle, bus, or train.
  • Pay attention to the areas around the train stops. Keeping yourself safe is all about being aware. Keep an eye on foot and vehicle traffic the entire time you’re riding.

Remember, cycling is all about doing something good for you and for the environment. Make it count by always being safe!

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