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Rules of the Road and the Sport for Winkelman Cyclists

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 6, 2014

Phoenix Bicycle AccidentWinkelman cyclists, whether new to the ride or a veteran of the road, know that there are plenty of rules on the road about safety. But it may surprise some riders to learn about certain golden rules that can make riding more enjoyable and a better overall experience each and every time they head out. Here are some of our top golden rules for cyclists making their way down the road in Winkelman.

  • Know your gear, and know it well. If you’re planning to do a race or a long ride, you should already know your gear and know it well. If you don’t know your gear, you may run into serious problems that can leave you wishing you’d kept the old gear.
  • Learn how to deal with the wind and use it to your advantage. If you’re learning to ride, this is especially important since the wind can pose serious problems for new riders. Learn the echelon stance for dealing with winds that whip across the road, and always try to ride against the wind at the beginning of the ride, when you are likely to have the most energy and strength.
  • Condition your mind to enjoy pain if you want to ride fast. The riders at the front of a pack in a race aren’t always the ones that ride the fastest. They’re the ones that know how to deal with and enjoy the pain that comes with riding hard and fast over long distances.
  • If you’re going to pass another cyclist on the road, do it quickly and with courtesy. Never pass another rider without first calling out to them. And never pass slowly as doing so will increase the chance of a crash between the two of you.
  • Never give up. Even if it’s raining, you should go outside and get on your bike. The best way to keep up your progress is to keep going no matter what the excuse.
    • The Husband and Wife Law Team encourages everyone to go out there, get some exercise on their bike, and have a safe and wonderful time!

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