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When a Child Suffers Serious Injuries in a Bike Accident

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 15, 2022

Riding a bicycle is a common activity for young children in the United States, and an efficient mode of transportation for school-aged children. Research shows that a large number of the cycling population is made up of young people, highlighting that approximately 70% of those aged 5 to 14 years old, ride a bicycle. Unfortunately, the number of child biking accidents continues to grow across America, resulting in serious injuries or sometimes fatal consequences.

While there are often a variety of factors at play when a bicycle accident occurs, some common reasons include careless drivers, jaywalking, collisions with cars and obstacles, or a lack of helmet and protective wear.

The Consequences of a Bicycle Accident

The consequences of a child’s bicycle accident can range from minor to severe. Most commonly, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, facial injuries, lacerations, and dental injuries sort of injuries that bicycle accident victims sustain. In more extreme cases, head injuries such as concussions, skull fractures, and internal bleeding can have negative long-term effects, while in rare cases, accidents can result in paralysis and wrongful death.

Bicycle accidents can be a traumatizing event for you and your child. There are many treatment options available that reach beyond just physical rehabilitation such as consolation services in the form of psychiatric help and counseling.

Psychological effects of the accident may linger for your child and could potentially manifest in the form of anxiety and poor mental health, therefore seeking help to mitigate any associated trauma is crucial in the healing process.

Depending on how serious the accident is and the severity of the injuries sustained, the time your child may spend in the hospital can vary from a matter of days to a matter of months. Rehabilitation can last anywhere between a few weeks, months, or even years and exercises for damaged limbs and ligaments must be practiced consistently in order to observe the best results.

Recover Compensation as a Result of Negligence

If your child sustains serious injuries in a bicycle accident as a result of the negligence on someone else’s part, you may be able to recover compensation. A child is legally defined as someone who is 18 years or younger, so a parent or guardian will need to be the one to file a lawsuit if required. The parties involved are the plaintiff, composed of the injured child and their family, and the defendant, the person who wronged or injured the child as a result of their negligence.

The Husband & Wife Law team understands how traumatic the aftermath of a bicycle accident can be for your child and your family. Because of this, they aim to make the legal process as seamless as possible in pursuit of the maximum compensation your child may be able to recover.

What Do You Need To Make a Claim?

Additionally, details such as where, when, and how the accident occurred are required in order to assess the liability of the wrongdoer and to establish the forecasted success of the case and how you need to be compensated.

It is also important for the doctor to make an assessment as to the seriousness of an injury, and how it is projected to affect your child, as this plays a crucial part in what you and your child are to be compensated for. This could include medical costs, counseling due to emotional trauma, in-home care, and rehabilitation charges.

How We Can Help

The Husband & Wife Law team is experienced, thorough and empathetic. They are qualified to navigate any aspect of your legal troubles and can offer guidance and advice as to your claim.

Get in contact with their Phoenix bike accident lawyers today at (602) 457-6222 if your child has suffered a serious injury as a result of a bicycle accident.

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