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Why More Bikes on the Roads Equals More Phoenix Bicycle Collisions

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 23, 2012

Phoenix Bicycle Crash CausesThe state of Arizona is becoming more and more a healthy commuter environment and this means that more people on the roadways may be at risk for a Phoenix bicycle collision. With more bicycles on the roadways, drivers should be more comfortable with this type of transportation, but the changes in traffic cause some confusion that lead to more accidents instead of less. In order to avoid serious crashes with bicyclists, motorists must remember a few key differences in the traffic flow.

  • Bike lanes are not lanes of travel and vehicles are prohibited by law from traveling in these lanes, even to make a right hand turn.
  • Bicycles have the same rights as vehicles on roads where there are no bike lanes.
  • Motorists should not attempt to pass bicycles in the same lane of travel.

Phoenix Bicycle Collision Statistics

Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports more than 1,900 bicycle collisions including Phoenix bicycle collisions. The injury rate for these crashes is high and in a typical year more than 1,600 individuals statewide are injured as a result of being hit by a car. Injury accidents account for more than 83 percent of crashes involving bicycles, according to recent statistics. Additionally, nearly 25 bicycle riders die as a result of the injuries they suffer in crashes with motor vehicles each year, according to the most recent data reports.

Why Contact a Phoenix Bicycle Collision Attorney

The large majority of Phoenix bicycle collisions result in injuries and those cyclists who are physically harmed due to the actions of a negligent motorist should reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney. The Phoenix bicycle accident injury attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. do whatever needs to be done to negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of the victim that will pay for their medical expenses, their mental anguish, personal and property damages, and any income they may have lost as a result of the accident and its aftermath. If you were hit by a car, a free assessment of your case by attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer could put you on the path to recovery. Contact us now.

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