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Bus Companies’ Duty of Care to Arizona Bus Passengers

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 11, 2011

Common carriers are mass transit companies that transport passengers in taxi cabs, buses, trains and airplanes. All common carriers are legally obligated to provide the highest duty of care to ensure that their passengers arrive at their destination safely. This duty of care requires all common carriers to regularly maintain their vehicles, to hire skilled and qualified drivers and to warn passengers of any potential dangers. When a bus company fails to obey this duty of care, they may be held liable for the injuries and damages caused.

Determining liability for an Arizona bus crash can be a complicated process. A few examples of potential liable parties include the bus company, manufacturer and driver. Negligent bus drivers may be held liable for the accidents they cause. When the bus driver has a history of negligent driving, the bus company may be held liable for hiring that driver in the first place. For example, common carriers are required to test drivers for alcohol and drug use. The bus manufacturer may be held liable for a crash if it is caused by a defective bus part or design.

Holding a bus company liable for injuries suffered in an Arizona bus accident may be a complicated process. Despite being held to a higher duty of care to passengers, many bus companies use powerful insurance companies that dispute claims and refuse to make adequate payments to injured victims.

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