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Proper Positioning of Infants in Carriers and Seats to Prevent Injury

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 23, 2013

As Arizona child injury lawyers, we want to make sure that everyone has a good understanding of how their infant’s head should be positioned while sleeping. We hear too many stories about infants who die in their sleep because their heads were not properly supported, therefore restricting their breathing. This is such a devastating, tragic event for families to experience, and we want to do our part to try to prevent future deaths caused by this mistake.

As you read these tips, please share them with your child’s caregiver, daycare teacher, or anyone who comes in contact with your baby.

  1. Make sure you can fit two fingers between your baby’s chin and his chest when he is sleeping. If you put your baby in a baby carrier, avoid positioning him so his head is forced down to his chest, thus restricting his breathing.
  2. When using a car seat, choose an infant support insert for especially small babies. This will keep the baby from sinking too low into the seat, thus allowing her head to collapse against her chest.
  3. Never prop your baby up on pillows or soft blankets where he can settle and sink into them. Babies should rest on flat, firm mattresses, and all suffocation hazards like blankets and stuffed animals should be removed.
  4. Be especially conscious of how your baby is positioned if she is congested because of a cold or allergies. It is harder to for babies to breathe when they are congested, so their airways cannot be restricted in any way.

If your baby suffered an Arizona child injury, contact the wrongful death lawyers at Breyer Law Offices today. We investigate the facts to determine if someone else is responsible for your baby’s death. We do the work for you, giving you space and time to grieve the loss of your child. We always respect your space while at the same time working to obtain a settlement that covers the costs of funeral arrangements and more.

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