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Summer Playground Safety for Kids

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 16, 2017

When you take your kids to a public city park, you know they are safe because you are keeping them in your sight at all times and making sure that they are not doing anything dangerous. But what about when you’re not there; not able to watch your child’s every move?

This is the question parents face every summer when it’s time to put their kids in summer school day care, day camps, and other activities where they won’t be there to supervise. But there are some simple tricks to ensure your kids are safe even when you’re not there.

Steps You Can Take

  • The first thing parents should do when leaving a child with anyone other than themselves is to inspect any outdoor playground equipment. If parts are broken, worn, or missing, move your kids to another program. If the caregiver reassures you that the equipment will be repaired, that’s simply not good enough. There is no guarantee those items will be fixed, and children may still be allowed to play on them and risk getting hurt before that happens.
  • The next thing parents need to look for is shade. Heat stroke is a real issue, especially in Arizona. Any playground or outside area for kids needs to have shady areas so that kids have a place to cool off if they become too warm. Ideally, the slide and other pieces of playground equipment should be in the shade as well.
  • Make sure the playground has a fence and a gate. But that might not be enough. Ask the program coordinators, supervisors, or other people in charge how those gates are manned to ensure that the only people in the playground are part of the program and have been given permission to be there.
  • Lastly, it’s important to ask for a criminal record and background check for anyone who is going to be given access to your children. This will not come off as pushy or overprotective; it’s a standard measure that all Arizona summer camps and day camps require of their staff. This will provide some extra peace of mind, as you’ll know that the people working with your kids have been vetted.

Unfortunately, there are times when parents can take all the preventative measures possible and something still happens. If your child has been injured while in someone else’s care and you believe it was the staff’s negligence that led to the injury, contact Breyer Law Offices, P.C., at (602) 457-6222 as soon as possible.


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