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5 Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on August 10, 2021

Working in construction means you get the chance to make a major difference in the world, whether you are helping to build affordable housing, reinforcing a damaged bridge, or creating safer roadways. But it is also one of the most dangerous industries in Arizona, with studies showing an 11% increase in fatal work injuries in 2019, including at least 23 deaths in the construction industry.


Following an accident at a jobsite, it is important to act fast to prevent further injuries and make sure that the injured worker receives appropriate care. Construction accidents can lead to lifelong disabilities. If you work in the construction industry, these steps may help save a life and protect your fellow workers.

1. Make Sure Everyone Is Out of Harm’s Way

Whether there was a forklift accident, trench collapse, or electrical injury, it is important to secure the area before doing anything else. All electrical equipment should be turned off immediately and workers should survey the scene to ensure it is safe to get to any injured workers. Rushing in to help an injured coworker is commendable, but it can lead to more injuries if the rescuers are not careful.

2. Contact the Authorities and Get Medical Attention

Emergency services should be contacted at 911 as soon as possible after an accident. Paramedics can respond to the scene and provide medical attention to all injured workers, while firefighters and police officers can help secure the construction site and prevent further accidents. Even if a worker doesn’t appear to be seriously injured, they should still see a doctor to rule out long-term damage, such as brain injuries, spinal cord damage, or soft-tissue injuries.

3. Report the Accident and Warn Other Workers

Supervisors and property owners should be informed of the accident to ensure a speedy investigation and careful review of the accident. Supervisors should also warn other workers about the accident, especially if it was caused due to defective safety equipment, power tools, or machinery. Reporting an accident can help prevent future injuries and starts a paper trail that will make it easier to collect compensation for workplace injuries down the line.

4. Take Photos and Videos of the Accident Site

Once the area is secure and any injured parties have been taken care of, it is important to take photos and videos of the construction site. An investigator can review these pieces of evidence afterward to determine how the accident was caused, who is liable for the accident, and what steps can be taken to prevent future accidents.

5. Talk to an Attorney

If you or someone you love was injured in a construction accident, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney. The Husband and Wife Law Team has years of experience investigating construction accidents, and we can use our expertise to determine how you can receive compensation. While your injuries may be covered under workers’ compensation, you may also have a third-party claim against a negligent driver, manufacturer, or property owner. We can sit down with you in a free consultation, determine who caused your injuries, and advocate for proper compensation on your behalf.

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