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Criminal Indictments in Fatal Crane Collapse

By Breyer Law Offices on May 10, 2010

A construction company owner and a mechanic are facing manslaughter charges, according to a CBS news report. Apparently, the mechanic is being accused of performing a poor repair job on a giant rig that ended up collapsing and killing two workers. Based on the article, the owner and the mechanic hired a Chinese company over the Internet to weld a critical component in the crane. Prosecutors say they did not follow rules to ensure that the repair was done properly. The weld failed after barely a month of use sending pieces of the 200-foot-tall crane crashing on to an apartment building. The crane operator and a construction worker were killed and another worker was critically injured.

This was one of two devastating crane accidents in Manhattan. Following both of these crane accidents, the city’s Buildings Commissioner increased training requirements for crane operators and inspectors and required them to take additional safety steps. If convicted of the manslaughter charges, the owner and the mechanic face up to 15 years in prison. Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.

In cases where construction companies deliberately put their workers’ lives in jeopardy, they should be held accountable for the injuries and wrongful death caused by their negligence. In this particular case, prosecutors have determined that what the construction company owner and mechanic did was criminal.

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