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How Arizona Construction Crane Accidents Happen

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 14, 2012

If you’re a construction worker then you know how easily a situation can get out of hand and lead to a serious  crane accident in Phoenix. Crane operators have an incredibly dangerous and high-stress job that can lead to multiple different types of injuries. Here are just some of the most injuries and accidents that befall even seasoned crane operators on construction sites:

  • The crane operator is not properly latched to the vertical ladder and falls during either ascent or descent from their post.
  • The crane comes apart due to negligence during the construction of the crane itself.
  • The crane is tipped forward, pushed over onto its side, or spun around due to extreme weather conditions, such as severe windstorms.
  • The crane operator is improperly trained on how to handle heavy loads and which loads can be moved with their equipment.
  • The crane operator is unable to take breaks throughout the day and suffers dehydration, low back injuries, thrombosis, or other injuries associated with sitting all day.

How to Prevent Arizona Construction Crane Accidents

If you work on a construction site, then it’s important to know that you have rights and that there are ways to prevent yourself from being involved in a serious Arizona construction crane accident. The following tips may help you prevent an accident:

  • Ensure that you take adequate breaks to stretch your legs and back, get water, and go to the restroom throughout the day.
  • Never accept a position on a crane if you are uncomfortable with heights or unsure if you want to perform that type of job.
  • Seek proper training if you are asked to operate a crane.

What an Arizona Construction Accident Lawyer Could Do to Help

If you are injured at work in an Arizona construction accident, you should consider getting advice from a skilled construction accident lawyer. The Husband and Wife Law Team can help injured construction workers decided whether to pursue a personal injury case in addition to their Workers Compensation (WC).

We would seek additional damages above and beyond Workers Compensation (WC) to cover the outstanding costs of medical care, taking time off work for complete healing, and other related damages. For more information, call the lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, P.C.

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