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The One Arizona Driving Behavior that Almost Guarantees an Accident

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 1, 2014

You’ve been driving on the roads of Arizona for so long that you know every street corner like the back of your hand. You know where an Arizona car crash is most likely to happen and you know just when to swerve to miss every rut, pot hole and other hazard on the road. You know where bicyclists like to ride and where they do and don’t have access to bicycle lanes. And more than that, you’re an excellent driver all around. So why would you need to worry about the possibility of being involved in a car crash? You’re an incredible motorist and you’ve got this driving thing down pat.

The trouble is that most excellent drivers like you still fall into the same trap that every other driver on the road falls into. You’re an excellent driver, you know how to stay safe, and you take your safety for granted. So, in turn, you allow yourself to become distracted on the road. Distracted, you might ask? Here are some of the most common distracting actions even excellent drivers take on the road. Read the list and ask yourself honestly if you ever do any of these things:

  • Eating while driving in order to save time, or because you just couldn’t crawl out of bed early enough to eat at home.
  • Fumbling with the radio and looking at the dial while you are driving because you are getting frustrated with the traffic.
  • Turning your head to look at the person in the passenger seat while you talk to them, or to yell at your kids in the back seat because they are fighting…again.
  • Touching up your makeup, fixing your shave job, combing your hair or otherwise dealing with your appearance while you are driving because you are headed to a job interview, going on a date or meeting friends for drinks.
  • Texting on your cell phone or talking on your cell phone to get directions, tell someone you’re on your way or explain that you’re going to be late.
  • Fumbling with maps and directions on your GPS device or your cell phone to help you get where you’re going.

Remember, when your eyes off the road, when your hands are off the wheel, and when your mind is engaged someplace else, your momentary distraction outweighs every other excellent driving moment you’ve had on the road, and can lead to accidents, injury and even death.

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