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Using Technology to Prevent Distracted Driving

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 22, 2021

Distracted driving has become a common occurrence in everyday life… while also being one of the most dangerous behaviors a driver can exhibit. While we have discussed the importance and the impact of Arizona’s anti-cellphone law, we also understand that these habits are hard to break. Drivers are often pressured by family members and coworkers to answer calls while driving, quickly respond to texts and social media messages, and rely heavily on GPS.

In order to better combat distracted driving, Arizona drivers may need to start using new tools to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

Anti-Distracted Driving Apps and Software

More than 3,100 lives were lost to distracted driving in a recent year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What makes these deaths tragic is the fact that they were 100% preventable. If the at-fault drivers had simply put down their phones and focused on driving, 3,100 victims’ families would not be in pain right now. Laws and education are a good way to reduce these numbers, but new technology can also help.

While cellphones and their apps are the main culprits in distracted driving accidents, most modern phones now have applications designed specifically to keep drivers focused on the road, and there are also third-party apps to give you better control over your driving habits. In addition to using Bluetooth devices, drivers should consider installing and using:

Apple iOS 11: All modern iPhones that have Apple iOS 11 come with Do Not Disturb While Driving, an app that will silence all calls, text messages, and notifications to help drivers stay focused on the road. This function can be set up to automatically turn on when you start driving (by detecting how fast you are traveling), to turn on when your phone connects to your car through Bluetooth, when your phone connects to CarPlay, or manually. It can be overridden for emergency calls to 911 and can send auto-replies to text messages.

Android Auto: Android Auto is built into most Android cellphones and is an easy-to-use app that takes advantage of the phone’s Google Assistant software to complete tasks hands-free. Through Android Auto, a driver can use either Bluetooth or speaker phone to reply to text, make calls, or adjust music. While it is not as restrictive as other apps, it does help keep a driver’s eyes on the traffic ahead rather than a phone down below.

Drive Mode: This third-party Android app has expanded to provide simplified hands-free controls for drivers who need help paying attention to the road. It also has a Do Not Disturb mode, which will block all texts and calls while the app is on.

Lifesaver: Another third-party app that works for both iPhones and Android devices, Lifesaver blocks texts, calls, and phone notifications while a vehicle is in motion. This app has functions for both employers, who need to keep their delivery drivers and maintenance crews in line, and parents, who want to teach their teenagers good behavior. Through parent accounts, parents can track their teen’s habits to learn how often he uses his cell phones while driving, and reward him through the app for safe driving habits.

Who Should Use These Apps?

Simply put, everyone. Anyone who drives can benefit from using anti-distracted-driving apps. We are all prone to multitasking while driving, and one glance away from the road to check a text can put everyone around you at risk.

But, more specifically, both parents and employers can benefit from these apps. Many driving apps allow users to track drivers’ habits and can be set up to automatically activate when a vehicle is in motion. Distracted driving is commonplace in most industries, from shipping companies to plumbing, and employers should enforce strict anti-cellphone rules to keep drivers – and everyone else on the road – safe.

In turn, teenagers are the most likely demographic to use cell phones while driving, with one in three admitting to texting while driving in an NHTSA survey. Parents can help combat this behavior by leading by example. Teenagers learn most of their driving habits from their parents, and if a parent starts using anti-cellphone apps in her day-to-day life, her children may be more open to this technology.

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If you were injured by a distracted driver, we understand that you are likely in a lot of pain, in shock, and worried about your future. These accidents are rarely minor and can leave victims with months of rehabilitation, costly medical bills, and time off work. But, if another driver caused your injuries, then a Phoenix car accident attorney at Breyer Law Offices, P.C., may be able to file a claim to recover full compensation for your trauma.

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