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Avoiding Arizona Dog Attacks with Your New Adopted Dog

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on October 22, 2012

Arizona dog attacks may be more prevalent among adopted dogs, especially when their new adopted families do not know the dog’s previous history. When you adopt a dog from the pound, you must take into account that your dog may be suffering from feelings of abandonment and will likely be uncomfortable for weeks or even months while he or she becomes used to their new home, family, neighbors, and surroundings. Here are some ways you can manage your new dog’s lifestyle and avoid a serious dog attack incident:

  • Keep punishments and rewards the same at all times. If your spouse scolds the dog for barking at the door, you should not offer praise for the same action.
  • Remember that your dog needs guidance and consistency.
  • Your dog will rule you and the neighborhood unless you assert that you are in charge and are the authority figure.
  • Your dog should be introduced to the neighborhood slowly.

What to Do if You Are Involved in an Arizona Dog Attack

If you’re injured in an Arizona dog attack, the single most important thing you can do is get to safety and seek medical attention right away. Medical attention from a trained and licensed practitioner is essential to ensure that you do not contract diseases or infections from any open wounds. Most cities also require that dog bites and other attacks be reported to the local animal control group for investigation. The groups quarantine dogs for up to 10 days after a bite accident to monitor their behavior and disease-spreading potential. Dog bite victims should also reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney.

Why Contact an Arizona Dog Attack Attorney

Every Arizona dog attack is scary, but those that result in serious wounds should be reviewed by a skilled dog attack attorney in Arizona right away. The attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. work out the details in all types of dog attack cases and help victims seek and secure recompense from the owner of the dog that attacked them.

We strive to ensure that our settlements include fair compensation for medical services rendered, long term loss of income, and many additional personal damages. For a free consultation on your dog attack injury case, call the Husband and Wife Law Team today.

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