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It’s National Safety Month, Part 5: Leash Laws

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 28, 2017

June is National Safety Month. And while many people might first think that National Safety Month is about water safety, workplace safety, and safety while out on the roads, it’s important to remember to keep our pets safe, too. The leash laws in Arizona are meant to do just this, and to keep everyone around dogs safe as well. 

Leash Laws

Leash laws in Arizona are very clear: dogs need to be kept on a leash at all times. When they are not out with their owners, but at home in the yard, dogs still need to be leashed; or they need to be in a completely enclosed space.

The only exception to this law is in public parks that have been deemed dog parks by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Board. In these areas, it’s acceptable for dog owners to take their dogs off leash.

Why You Should Obey Leash Laws

There are a number of reasons for dog owners to obey the leash laws. Most importantly, they’re meant to keep all dogs and people safe. If an unfriendly dog approaches your dog, it’s much easier to protect your dog if it’s already on a leash.

While an owner may believe that he or she has a friendly dog that would never attack or bite another dog or person, not all dogs are friendly. And not even friendly dogs are friendly all the time.

Dogs are animals, and as such, are unpredictable. Something that’s seemingly innocent may provoke them for reasons we can’t understand. When they are on-leash, it’s much easier to control them and hold them back if they become agitated or upset.

Phoenix is full of dog lovers. But that’s not the case for everyone, and some people simply can’t stand a dog jumping on them. Or, they simply don’t want to be approached by a dog while trying to enjoy a walk around the city. Everyone should be respectful of everyone else, and this is another important reason to obey leash laws.

Last, but certainly not least, dog owners need to obey leash laws because they’re just that—laws! When leash laws are not followed, they can result in citations issued to the owner and impoundment of the animal.

Want More Specifics?

If you’d like to know more about the laws pertaining to dog owners in Arizona, or you’ve been bitten by a dog and would like to seek compensation for your injuries, call Breyer Law Offices, P.C., at (602) 457-6222. We know the importance of following all of Arizona’s laws, including its leash laws, and we’ll fight to protect your rights.

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