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New Year’s Safety Resolutions – Leash Laws Protect Dogs AND People

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 10, 2017

Under Arizona law, it’s required that all dog owners keep their dogs on a leash at all times. The only exceptions to this are when a dog is confined on the dog owner’s property, or when the dog is let off a leash in designated dog parks such as the Rose Mofford Sports Complex, RJ Dog Park, and Paradise Valley Dog Park. Putting these requirements into place makes the entire city of Phoenix safer for both residents and dogs.

Leash Law Benefits

Most people think that leash laws are put into place to protect other people from the dog, and this is true. But, leash laws also protect the owner of the dog, as well as the dog itself.

It’s true that not all dogs will bite, but some dogs are quite large and, even when they’re very friendly (maybe especially when they’re very friendly), they can jump up onto people, scratching and injuring them, or even knocking them to the ground. When dogs are restrained by a leash, the owner has control and so, dogs are unable to do this. Also, while it’s hard to believe that not everyone loves dogs, keeping them on a leash lets others walk by without being approached by a dog on the loose.

But leash laws are put into place to protect the dog, as well. When dogs roam at large, it’s impossible to tell where they’ve been or what they’ve been into. After cruising the neighborhood, they may get into something toxic, such as chemicals, or they could crawl into a small space, making it difficult to find them or even difficult for them to get out of.

Of course, leash laws might protect the dog owner most of all. In Phoenix, dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions at all times, especially when the dog is not on their own property. Keeping the dog on a leash makes it easier for owners to control them, preventing them from biting others and ultimately, leaving them responsible for any damage

How Phoenix Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, or your dog has bitten someone while in a dog park and you think the City of Phoenix may be partially responsible, contact the professional lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. today. We know leash laws in Arizona, and we know how it works to protect dog owners, dogs, and other people. Don’t wait another minute. Call us today at (602) 457-6222 so we can start reviewing your case!

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