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The Extent of Liability in a Pinal County Dog Bite Attack

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 11, 2012

Many pet owners believe that Pinal County dog bite accidents are not a big deal and continue to allow their dogs to run through their neighborhoods at large, including in public parks and near elementary schools. But owners may not realize the full extent of the law and dog owner liability in Arizona:

  • Pinal County enforces ARS 11-1014, which requires unvaccinated dogs that bite a person to be quarantined for no less than 10 days in an appropriate facility at the pet owner’s expense.
  • ARS 11-1020 holds pet owners legally and financially responsible for property damages and injuries inflicted on people or other animals when their dog is at large, regardless of where the damages or injuries occur.
  • ARS 11-1025 holds pet owners responsible for injuries inflicted on people by their dogs, even on their own private property.

How to Avoid a Pinal County Dog Bite Accident

While residents should use their common sense and avoid situations that could lead to Pinal County dog bite accidents, ultimately, the dog’s owner is responsible for the outcome of their pet’s every encounter with people. Pet owners can reduce their own liability with their dogs by:

  • providing proper enclosed spaces for their dogs with enough room to run so their dog makes less escape attempts;
  • keeping their dogs on a leash at all times while out at parks, near schools, or on a walk;
  • keeping their dogs within their sights at all times; and
  • properly training their dogs to not bite, attach to, or jump on people, and to come when called.

Why Contact a Pinal County Dog Bite Accident Attorney

If you were bit by a dog and needed medical attention for your injuries, you should reach out to a skilled AZ personal injury attorney about your case. The Pinal County dog attack injury lawyers at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. work out the details of fair settlements that compensate dog bite victims for the physical and emotional injuries, lost income and work time, and other damages that are characteristic of these types of injury accidents. If you were injured by a dog, The Husband and Wife Law Team may be able to help you get justice and compensation. Contact us now.

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