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Top Tips for Avoiding Dog Bites

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on September 13, 2011

Despite their cute and fuzzy faces, not all dogs are as friendly as they seem. Dog bites can lead to serious injuries and even death, especially when small children are involved, which is why, as dedicated dog attack victim attorneys in Scottsdale, we encourage everyone to use caution around dogs. The Humane Society of the United States offers several tips for avoiding dog bites:

  • Do not approach unfamiliar dogs, especially if they are confined.
  • Dogs have a natural chase instinct, so never walk away from a dog with your back turned.
  • Do not touch a dog while it is eating. Some dogs will bite if they feel threatened.
  • Some dogs play rough with chew toys, bones and other items. Do not try to touch a dog during rough play.
  • Avoid making eye contact with a dog that is acting in an aggressive manner.
  • If you encounter an aggressive dog, do not run away or scream. Make as few movements as possible and keep your arms at your sides to show the dog you are not a threat.
  • If the dog makes a move to attack you, allow it to have your purse, lunch bag, jacket or any other item you can use to protect yourself.
  • If the dog knocks you over, do not scream or flail around. Protect your head and remain as still as possible.

Dog bites can cause serious disfigurement, especially if a dog attacks your face. Bites can also lead to infection and other complications. If someone else’s dog attacked you, contact the Arizona personal injury attorneys at The Breyer Law Offices P.C. We will work hard to help you recover compensation to pay for the medical care required to repair the wound, prevent infection and repair any disfigurement. Call us at (602) 457-6222. You can also follow us on our Arizona Law Team Twitter account for news, useful information or other topics of interest.

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