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Household Hazards That Can Lead to Glendale Infant Drowning Accidents

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 16, 2013

When you think about potential Glendale infant drowning accidents, you think about lakes, rivers, and swimming pools. In reality, there are many more hazards that can play a role in child drowning accidents, especially for infants who have not yet learned and cannot grasp the idea of many different types of dangers. Some of the most common and most easily overlooked household hazards include:

  • Backyard ponds and fountains, where children will be tempted to splash around, or play with fish that live in the water;
  • Toilets, washing machines, filled bathtubs, large buckets filled with water for cleaning purposes, and sinks filled with water for dishes;
  • Ditches and holes dug for fence posts that have filled with water due to rain or other accumulation.

How to Avoid Glendale Infant Drowning Accidents

Every year, needless deaths occur among infants and children under the age of one year old because of common and forgotten household hazards. Safety should always come first, and these safety tips are critical not only for parents of young babies, but also for caregivers who may not be used to having an infant in their homes full time. Adults can keep babies and small children safe from harm by following these guidelines:

  • Never leave a baby alone in the bathtub, even with a water ring.
  • Get doorknob locks, toilet seat locks, and other safety mechanisms for your washing machine, bathrooms, and other places where sufficient water for accidents sits.
  • Stay with your children at all times and never assume they are safe playing in the house or the yard alone.

What to Do After a Glendale Infant Drowning Accident

Seeing your child injured as a result of a drowning accident is heartbreaking, but you can get help for your and your child’s suffering by contacting a skilled Glendale pool injury attorney. The attorneys at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. do whatever is necessary to help you get a fair settlement with compensation to cover the costs of medical care, any wages you lose while taking care of your child, and more. For help with your child’s recovery and your lawsuit against the negligent party, contact attorneys Mark and Alexis Breyer.

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